QM Handbook –
Quality management doesn't have to be complicated

Quality management with Doxis4

The Doxis4 QM Handbook is a digital ISO and KTQ-compliant quality handbook that includes its own Audit Trail function. Once it has been installed, the pre-configured solution package is ready to use straight away. Thanks to the easy-to-use editing system, the entire process is now quicker than ever before and can be documented in full, starting with designing the structure of QM handbooks, creating and assigning QM documents and ending with the final publication of documents. You can use the QM handbook to file and display all QM documents no matter what form they take – from scanned paper documents and digital documents all the way to photos and videos.

You can now apply the same approach to digital documents as you do to paper documents thanks to the option to add “approved” stamps or post-it notes to documents or highlight certain sections. Template and version management functions also make it easier to edit QM documents. Complete transparency is guaranteed for authors in terms of the entire editing, approval, release and publication processes, and for the users with regard to important QM regulations.

  • Editing system for creating, managing, maintaining and publishing consistent QM documents
  • Easy access via a web-based quality portal
  • Intelligent workflow and collaboration structures to enable several users to edit a document at once
  • Audit-proof documentation provides evidence in the event of liability issues
  • Automatic deadline management and email notifications

No matter where they happen to be or what time it is, employees will always have access to the QM Handbook on a web platform or via your own Intranet portal. Taking a direct approach, authors and employees will be able to access QM documentation within the context of their organisational unit (site, department, etc.) and using the handbook structure. Alternatively, they can use the key word and fulltext search functions to look for documents. All employees involved in editing QM documentation can be actively integrated into the editing process via approval and release processes. This makes it easier for users to find the current status of current quality management processes and also makes sure that everything is documented in accordance with legal requirements. Furthermore, an automatic deadline tracker will send you an email to remind you of upcoming updates.

Features & strengths

  • Editing system for you quality handbook

    The Doxis4 QM Handbook supports all processes in place for creating, revising and publishing QM documents. This Doxis4-based editing system uses workflows for review and approval processes to automatically manage compliance with defined quality standards. Editing tasks become easier, safer and more efficient thanks to the use of templates, version management and deadline management functions. Techniques familiar from paper documents can now be applied to electronic documents thanks to a range of annotation functions.

  • Portal and browser-based access

    Employees are able to access the multimedia QM Handbook quickly and easily via an Intranet-based portal or using a normal web browser. Authors and employees can search for QM documents using the simple handbook structure or the intuitive key word and fulltext search functions. You can also allocate QM handbooks and structures within the QM Handbook to particular organisational units (site, department, etc.).

  • Deadline management and email reminders

    To make sure that certain documents are created or updated on time, the deadline manager sends automatic email reminders to the editor in question. This helps to reduce the risk of unpleasant surprises that could arise should you fail to keep to your deadlines, e.g. having a supplier permit or operating licence revoked.

  • Legally-compliant archiving and documentation

    Doxis4 QM Handbook logs all stages of the quality management process in accordance with the relevant legal regulations. This covers all steps, starting from the initial creation and editing stages and ending with the final approval and publication. These records could provide crucial evidence in the event of critical liability issues.

  • Tenant capability and access rights

    Large corporations and medium-sized companies with a number of legally-independent subsidiaries will find Doxis4's tenant capability impossible to live without. This means that every company or organization is only able to see and change their own data. For central quality management processes, switching between tenants requires new user rights and authentication to be issued. However, tenants can also be separated using the authorisation concept and by keeping data separate (database and storage media). In this case, you do not need to renew access rights and authentication data.

Overview of Doxis4 QM Handbook

QM editing system

  • Standard system for creating, managing, maintaining and publishing QM documents, including any multimedia content
  • Check-in/Check-out function and version management enabling several employees to work securely on QM documents
  • Consistent management for all QM documents no matter what their format or status (e.g. Word + PDF)
  • Audit-proof archiving for QM documents and temporary versions
  • Option to add references/links
  • Logical allocation of documents to several process instances without redundant data in the archive

QM knowledge management

  • Employee access to QM documentation via a portal or web browser
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • QM documentation displayed in a standard hierarchical structure (“navigation tree”) with a number of different structures and folders
  • Access via metadata, fulltext or navigation trees
  • Blackboard function (“What's new”, displays new documents)
  • ISO and KTQ-compliant QM Handbook

QM processes and workflows

  • Automated workflows for review and approval processes
  • Email management for approval processes, including integrated functions for accepting, rejecting and commenting on documents, etc.
  • Regular monitoring and automatic email warnings if there is a threat that deadlines will be missed
  • Automatic reminders when evidence for qualifications, permits is required, etc.
  • Full documented history of all editing and approval steps
  • Integrated audit function