The makes
good service great

Electronic customer files with Doxis4



Systematically manage all information on a customer


Bundle & retrieve all customer information in the right business context


View seamless customer histories & stay accountable at all times

Make good service great with the power of the

Electronic customer files with Doxis4 give you the service advantage.

Your customers expect fast, expert service. With the electronic customer file, all information on the customer relationship is clearly structured and in one place. Whether it's correspondence, contracts, offers, invoices, notes or business processes, the sales, customer service and order processing teams find all the information they need in the customer eFile. Access it from any device whenever, wherever — even on the go or offline. Save yourself time-consuming searches through inboxes, file directories, CRM or ERP systems. With Doxis4, when a customer inquiry comes in you can provide the necessary information immediately and process service inquiries fast. Doxis4 keeps all electronic customer files and the sensitive information they contain safe, and documents each customer history seamlessly. Make your service quality stand out from the crowd with Doxis4 and the power of the e.

Electronic customer files with Doxis4: Your benefits


Directly provide customers with the right information


Retrieve all customer information immediately


Access information across locations & devices


Flexibly support sales & service workflows


Seamlessly document the customer history


Manage customer data in compliance with the EU GDPR

What's behind the power of the ?

Doxis4 eFiles simplify your daily work — thanks to the power of the e.

Doxis4 electronic files are your gateway to rolling out digital processes and collaboration company-wide. eFiles pool all information across multiple departments on, e.g. customers, suppliers, products, projects, employees and much more. Doxis4 eFiles make your digital information management

  • Informed: See all relevant information at a glance
  • Structured: View the business context from all kinds of perspectives
  • Secure: Document processes, protect & store information securely


Make a great impression with first-rate service

Electronic customer, order and supplier files mean you always have the information you need at your fingertips. Start your journey to service excellence with an array of additional Doxis4 solutions.


means informed

Expert service depends on having the right information on hand.

From email inquiries and offers to orders, contracts and invoices — everything is stored consistently and systematically in your electronic customer file. You can even access the file directly from your CRM platform. The result: Even when standing in for a colleague, you immediately have all the right information at your fingertips. Retrieve all documents, integrated CRM data and transactions relating to the customer using the full-text search, customer number or contract reference. Or have the system display, say, all the customer's orders from the last three months. Has a document changed or a new process instance been created? Doxis4 can notify you at any time about changes so you always stay up to date and ready to provide information.

means integrated

With Doxis4 you can seamlessly integrate your business applications, portals and more into the electronic customer file.


Looking for customer, order and invoice data? You'll find it in the customer file. Doxis4 automatically gathers the relevant information from new entries and updates it when changes are made. You access all information from Doxis4 exactly the same as from your integrated CRM system.

Microsoft Office & Outlook

Edit documents, lists and presentations using the DMS feature in Doxis4: Notes, versioning, archive and research functions are all available directly in Microsoft. Archive customer emails automatically in the right customer file.

Customer portals

Make contracts, invoices and other documents from your customer eFiles available to customers 24/7 via the customer portal. And when customers upload orders and more to the portal, Doxis4 automatically archives them in the right customer file.

Telephony software

When a customer call comes in, Doxis4 recognizes which customer is calling based on the telephone number — and automatically opens the corresponding electronic customer file. The result: You have all the right documents and ongoing processes at your fingertips.

means integrated

With Doxis4 you can seamlessly integrate your business applications, portals and more into the electronic customer file.


Microsoft Office & Outlook

Customer portals

Telephony software

Best practice

Electronic customer files: efficient & customer oriented

At Krone, the sales and service teams access order confirmations, customer emails, notes from phone calls and more in the electronic customer files. And with supplier and machinery eFiles also integrated, the overview of information is complete. Read on to find out how Krone also integrates its telephony software to deliver all-round service excellence.


means flexible

Customer wishes are individual — with Doxis4, so are you.

Different departments collaborate on acquisitions, order processing and customer support. Doxis4 helps you to fulfill customer wishes quickly and precisely, using electronic customer files as the shared basis of information. Allocate tasks and documents digitally from end to end with Doxis4 BPM — as flexibly as you need. You can see the status of a process directly in your customer file. And Doxis4 doesn't stop there! Orient all of your processes to the customer with the additional functions:

  • Collaborate with customers via the Doxis4 iRoom, where you can share presentations, large files and project documents
  • Workflows for approvals, deadline reminders and bid resubmissions and much more
  • Process inquiries, requests & workflows faster with digital inbound mail
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means secure

Doxis4 documents all customer information and ensures its validity.

With Doxis4, you play it safe when it comes to liability matters and complaints. Your electronic customer files document the entire customer history seamlessly. In parallel, you comply with all audit-proof archiving requirements, like the 10-year retention period for offers and orders. Doxis4 is also EU GDPR-certified, so you are assured that all sensitive customer data is managed compliantly.


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Doxis4 is not only the perfect basis for customer-oriented processes — it also offers a wide range of options for your end-to-end information management: more eFiles, document management features, collaboration and more.

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