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Electronic supplier files with Doxis4



Immediately find all information relating to suppliers, orders & deliveries


Greater workflow efficiency in purchasing & supplier management


Transparently document supplier relationships & quality

Utilize the power of the

The Doxis4 electronic supplier file bundles all information relating to orders and deliveries.

Offers, orders, quality certificates, delivery notes — store them all and more in the Doxis4 electronic supplier file. You have immediate access to all information on the relationship with your suppliers — including processes and data from ERP and SCM. From placing the order to receiving the goods and checking their quality, Doxis4 brings greater efficiency and full transparency to your purchasing processes and supplier relationships. With Doxis4 you actively involve suppliers in your workflows: Share certificates, quality assessments, photo evidence and much more quickly and securely via the Doxis4 iRoom. And regardless of where you or your suppliers are located, you always have the right information at your fingertips thanks to the power of the e!

Electronic supplier files with Doxis4: Your advantages


See all information relating to suppliers & orders at a glance


Automate your supplier management processes


Securely collaborate with suppliers


Automatically comply with deadlines, e.g. for certifications


Keep all order & delivery processes fully transparent


Archive all purchasing documents in line with audit requirements

What's behind the power of the ?

Doxis4 eFiles simplify your daily work — thanks to the power of the e.

Doxis4 electronic files are your gateway to rolling out digital processes and collaboration company-wide. eFiles pool all information across multiple departments on, e.g. customers, suppliers, products, projects, employees and much more. Doxis4 eFiles make your digital information management:

  • Informed: See all relevant information at a glance
  • Structured: View the business context from all kinds of perspectives
  • Secure: Document processes, protect & store information securely

Best practice

Electronic supplier files deployed globally

When the purchasing teams at Duravit need to retrieve orders, order changes and delivery notes, they access the electronic supplier files in Doxis4 — from every continent. Read on to find out how Duravit uses Doxis4 to efficiently connect its sites and suppliers on an international scale.


means complete

The Doxis4 electronic supplier file is the basis for comprehensive supplier management. It's easy to link further Doxis4 eFiles and digitalize your purchasing processes from end to end.


Use Doxis4 eFiles for your purchasing workflows. They contain all the important information required by your department, like emails, offers, notes, orders, invoice documents and associated processes.


What requests for materials have been submitted? Where are these materials to be procured from? What terms and conditions apply? Which materials have been used? What is their quality? See all this information at a glance in Doxis4 eFiles for materials.


Do you order office supplies, hardware or workwear for employees? Use Doxis4 eFiles to manage these items and keep full track of your resources at all times.

means complete

The Doxis4 electronic supplier file is the basis for comprehensive supplier management. It's easy to link further Doxis4 eFiles and digitalize your purchasing processes from end to end.




means direct

Easily find and change information relating to suppliers.

Quick search

Retrieve the right offers, contracts and invoices fast using the full-text search, supplier number or order reference. Doxis4 also displays user-selected overviews of documents for specific periods, such as all deliveries made in the last quarter.

Simple archiving

Doxis4 automatically allocates inquiries, offers, orders and more to the right file folders and extracts metadata such as order number and delivery date. It automatically files new versions and notifies you about any changes.

Automatic deadline reminders

Doxis4 sends you reminders about everything from delivery and tender deadlines to the expiration of supplier certificates, inventory dates and more — and provides all the documents you need to deal with the matter at hand.

Microsoft integration

Link Microsoft Office and Outlook to Doxis4 and use the search and archive functions directly in documents and emails. It's easy to find, e.g. the eFile on a supplier, and Doxis4 automatically assigns their emails directly to the file.


Collaboration in supplier management

Find out how Eissmann Group Automotive uses the Doxis4 iRoom to integrate its international suppliers into processes.

means automated

With the Doxis4 electronic supplier file, you manage your purchasing processes efficiently across multiple departments and even companies.

Automated processes

From checking the order requirements and the request submitted to the supplier through to the team leader's budget approval and the final order, with Doxis4 you automate the entire process.

Flexible task management

Are there questions about materials or resources? Doxis4 lets you involve the relevant teams from, say, production or HR in the workflows: Simply create and manage ad hoc tasks and document every decision along the way.

Collaboration using Doxis4 iRoom

Doxis4 makes it easy for you and your suppliers to share information: Suppliers can upload certification documents and more to the secure Doxis4 iRoom, while you can use it to send quality assessments, photos of defects, etc.

means automated

With the Doxis4 electronic supplier file, you manage your purchasing processes efficiently across multiple departments and even companies.

Automated processes

Flexible task management

Collaboration using Doxis4 iRoom

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means integrated

With Doxis4 you integrate your ERP and SCM systems — and automate even more processes.

Already using SAP, Microsoft Dynamics or Oracle for orders and invoicing? Doxis4 can be integrated into these and many other leading systems. Switch between your business application and the supplier file with just one click.

  • Doxis4 automatically creates new eFiles when you add a new supplier to your ERP platform or an order in your SCM system
  • Doxis4 can directly launch order processes, invoice verification processes and much more
  • Doxis4 eFiles automatically transfer & update names, addresses and material groups from leading systems


Electronic supplier files in the industrial sector

From purchasing to production to communication with suppliers, Doxis4 supplier files are your single source of truth. Read on to find out how to manage all of your key supplier-related information with Doxis4, helping you to cut shipping and production costs in the process.


means transparent

Doxis4 transparently documents your supplier relationships and order processes.

Verifiably demonstrate your compliance with quality, health and safety, and environmental standards at all times with the Doxis4 electronic supplier file: Doxis4 archives all documents, data and processes in line with audit requirements. All decisions regarding order quantities, budget approvals and supplier quality stay fully documented. Use the integrated report function to analyze order processing times, delivery lead times and much more — and identify further potential for improving your processes.


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The Doxis4 electronic supplier file is a stepping stone towards your company-wide digitalization. Use eFiles, release workflows and collaboration universally: in many other departments, for collaboration between departments, and to share information with external business partners.

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