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Contract management with Doxis4


Uniformly manage all contracts at your company using one solution


Digitize & automate contract processes from end to end


Systematically store & transparently process all contracts

Get a handle on a global company task

Digitally manage your contracts company-wide with Doxis4.

Contract management is the basis on which every company runs its business. Do you manage and archive contracts for purchases, loans, suppliers, staff, leases and framework agreements on a decentralized basis? Digital contract management with Doxis4 reduces the error rate and cuts your costs: You manage all contracts uniformly to enhance transparency, increase security and improve compliance. Doxis4 makes it easy to process your contracts — thanks to DMS functions such as annotations, templates and versioning. The result: You work entirely digitally company-wide.

Employees spend 50% of their time searching for information and need on average 18 minutes to find paper documents.

Source: Gartner

Contract management with Doxis4: Your advantages


Access immediately across all departments & sites


Keep track of all contract data & activities


Automate reminders & deadline management


Optimize processes across all contract phases


Process contracts efficiently & transparently


Store all contracts in line with audit requirements

Best practice

Contract management made easy

DEVK processes 2,000 damage claims daily. For each one, corresponding contracts are in place. Read on to find out how DEVK uses contract eFiles and automated workflows to efficiently manage its contracts.


Contract details at a glance

Contract management with Doxis4 makes it easy for you to keep a full overview of all contract details and simplifies your contract processes across the board.

Electronic contract files

Doxis4 contract files clearly display all key contract data, including deadlines and reminders. You store all contracts and supplementary documents in one central location: securely, completely and in a structured way. Doxis4 documents the entire history of all files and contracts for you.

Automated contract processes

Create, review, release, finalize, manage and archive your contracts: Doxis4 takes you through the entire workflow — seamlessly, transparently and with a full audit trail. Automatic reminders notify you ahead of all termination, extension and expiration deadlines.

Link to ERP & CRM

Doxis4 automatically transfers master data on customers, suppliers and partners from your integrated ERP and CRM systems and adds the data to your contracts, so they're always up to date and free from errors. Adding a new customer to your CRM system? Doxis4 automatically creates a new contract file and launches the contract process for you.

Metadata & search function

Doxis4 automatically assigns metadata, e.g. for contract references, deadlines, prices, terms or responsible individuals. Contracts are automatically stored in the correct files and folders: quickly and error-free. Retrieve all the information you need fast using metadata and full-text searches.

Integrated template & deadline management

Process contracts more easily and in better time with Doxis4.

Doxis4 makes creating, reviewing and updating contracts a cinch. Thanks to the integration with Microsoft, you access all contract templates directly and begin processing right away in the familiar Microsoft Office environment. Doxis4 incorporates helpful DMS functions directly into Microsoft:

  • Template management for contract uniformity
  • Versioning of all contracts, including annotations
  • File & search directly from Microsoft Office
  • Deadline management, e.g. for expiring contracts, including escalation function

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Der Audit Trail von Doxis4 protokolliert alle Zugriffe und Veränderungen an den Unterlagen während des gesamten Vertragslebenszyklus.

Compliance, EU GDPR & data security

Contract management with Doxis4 assures your compliance.

Doxis4 makes sure your data is secure by preventing uncontrolled and unauthorized access to contracts. The Doxis4 audit trail logs all access and changes made to documents during the entire contract life cycle. Save all contracts in line with audit requirements, e.g. in TIFF, PDF or PDF/A format. You also securely store and delete all contract documents in line with legal retention periods and the EU GDPR using the integrated functions.

Reports & dashboards

The Doxis4 Reporting Service delivers fast, in-depth analyses of your contracts — even for huge data volumes.

Embedded data warehouse

Doxis4 periodically gathers information, summarizes it according to targets, and puts it into diagram form

Detailed reports

Doxis4 delivers analyses of contract volume, contract type by supplier, general reports on utilization, document volume and much more

Practical dashboards

See a clear overview of your latest analyses on the Doxis4 dashboard: when launching Doxis4, in your contract file and on the go.


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Company-wide contract management is your gateway to digitalization: Doxis4 lets you digitize many more cross-department processes, from inbound mail and invoices to customer processes and collaboration.

Contract management with Doxis4:

  • Digital contract files, including processing history and audit trail
  • Diverse integration options — with ERP, CRM, Microsoft Office & Outlook, etc.
  • DMS functions: versioning, annotations and more.
  • Multiple search functions: metadata and full-text; filter, sort & bookmark results
  • Template management: standard contracts, correspondence, memos
  • Workflows: ad hoc & predefined, incl. workbasket function
  • Automatic notifications of changes to documents, files & processes
  • Automated management of retention periods, blocked access & legal holds
Business Process Management mit Doxis4: Produkt-Highlights

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