Go digital with
intelligent mail processing

Inbound mail processing with Doxis4


Brings together emails and paper mail into one uniform process

Classify using intelligence

Automatically reads unstructured documents


Inbound mail finds the right workflow, the right file & the right employee

Off to a digital start with inbound mail

Company-wide digitalization begins with inbound mail.

First-class service does not wait! With Doxis4 you can manage the mail from customers and business partners, invoices and much more, digitally from the start. The software provides your basis for efficient processes – and end-to-end digitalization. With intelligent mail processing from Doxis4, you can centralize all inbound channels: paper mail, emails, online forms, applications, etc. The intelligent inbound mail processing function distributes your mail directly to the responsible employees and triggers the relevant workflows. Waiting and transport times are eliminated, and case processing can begin immediately. Doxis4 distributes the load evenly among your employees, identifies experts and even finds back-up should someone be absent. All processes and the relevant documents are archived by Doxis4 in an audit-proof manner.

Spitzenservice wartet nicht! Mit Doxis4 managen Sie Ihre Post von Anfang an digital. Das ist Ihre Basis für schnelle Vorgänge– und durchgängige Digitalisierung. Mit der INpostTELLIGENZ von Doxis4 führen Sie Papierpost, E-Mails, Online-Formulare, Anträge etc. zentral zusammen: Die intelligente Posteingangsverarbeitung verteilt alles direkt und gleichmäßig an Ihre Mitarbeiter. Doxis4 identifiziert Experten, berücksichtigt Vertretungsfälle und startet die passenden Workflows. Liege- und Transportzeiten entfallen und alle Vorgänge und dazugehörigen Dokumente werden revisionssicher archiviert.

Inbound mail processing with Doxis4: Your benefits


Up-to-date and immediate mail & case processing


Improved service with directly accessible information


Automatic distribution of documents across all locations


Efficient resource utilization & lower cost of ownership


Intelligent, self-improving technology


Audit-proof archiving of all documents and processes

Inbound mail processing with more intelligence

All channels united

Emails, online forms, applications, orders, mail: Doxis4 consolidates all documents and integrates them into one process – documents with structured as well as unstructured information.

What’s what?

Contract, inquiry or service case? Inbound mail processing automatically detects the business partner or operation that a document belongs to and reads the relevant information.

Automatic error check

Does a customer have a new address? Was a form field filled out incorrectly? Doxis4 checks it and compares the data automatically with your CRM and ERP. In case of errors, Doxis4 initiates the post-processing procedure.

Best practices

Service booster: the digital post office

The number one strategic target of DEVK is customer satisfaction. Service employees provide immediate information and process requests on a daily basis. The insurer is able to achieve all this with end-to-end digital case processing – starting with inbound mail.

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Once digital, always digital

Electronic inbound mail processing with Doxis4 is your chance to digitize many follow-up processes.

File documents in their context

Doxis4 automatically puts incoming documents into the correct eFiles. You will find all the information here about customers, suppliers and business transactions in their context.

Securely archive information

From inbound mail to all processing steps, Doxis4 archives emails, text documents, PDFs, images and much more – transparent, traceable and audit-proof.

Initiate processes

What needs to happen to postal mail? Processes such as invoice processing, the processing of service cases, orders, contracts, etc., are initiated automatically by Doxis4.

Find relevant employees

Doxis4 knows who is responsible for tasks and who has free capacities. Employees automatically receive the right documents and can process them with the DMS functions of Doxis4.

Platform bonus

Doxis4 can do more!

Take advantage of the platform potential: With Doxis4 you can create enterprise-wide solutions that work perfectly together – and provide a platform for digital business processes throughout the company.

Inbound mail processing with Doxis4: Technical highlights

Further details

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