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Invoice processing with Doxis4


Machine-learning technology & automated invoice processing


Integrated in SAP & all other ERP and financial accounting systems


Information about the entire invoice process & status at any time

More INTELLIGENCE with every invoice

Doxis4 makes invoice management smarter.

Take the leap: Your next big step in the digital transformation. With INvoiceTELLIGENCE from Doxis4, you’ll benefit from intelligent and automated invoice processing. Your invoicing processes across the enterprise will become simpler, faster and more transparent. Doxis4 analyzes new invoices: The software helps you identify suppliers and read delivery and invoice numbers. Doxis4 recognizes all data, reads them and automatically transfers them to your ERP or financial accounting system. The software guides you securely through the appropriate review process. You’ll find all the information you need. The intelligent software solution covers everything from automatic posting to archiving – and learns with each invoice. That’s INvoiceTELLIGENCE

Smart invoice processing with Doxis4

Automatically smarter

Doxis4 manages your invoicing processes independently. It learns and knows more with every invoice.

Verify data & accuracy

Doxis4 checks your invoices carefully. This enables you to get your input tax deduction and only pay correct invoices.

Find processors & processes

Using the separation of duties principle, simultaneous reviewers or additional reviewers: Doxis4 finds the right process, processor and backup persons.

Automatically post invoices

Invoices with a purchase order reference are processed completely by Doxis4 — including automatic posting.

Proper archiving

All invoices are automatically archived by Doxis4 until the end of their legal retention period.

Automatically smarter

Doxis4 manages your invoicing processes independently. It learns and knows more with every invoice.

Verify data & accuracy

Find processors & processes

Automatically post invoices

Proper archiving

Smart integration

Invoice processing with Doxis4 covers every application.

Whatever ERP or financial accounting system you use, Doxis4 can be integrated flexibly into all of your applications. Who is the right business partner? Do master data, prices and quantities on an invoice match? Doxis4 automatically settles all this with your specialized applications. Doxis4 can be integrated in all ERP and financial accounting systems common in the market. The SAP Fiori-based app also gives you greater freedom: you can approve invoices at any time and any place.

Quick analytics

Doxis4 recognizes all formats and knows more with every invoice.

Doxis4 zeichnet sich durch eine hohe Usability aus

Invoice processing that informs

Doxis4 always provides you with all the information you need.

Which invoices are new? Which ones are pending? And who is processing them? With Doxis4 you can keep track of all financial obligations, the invoice status, the liquidity required, etc. In this way, you can respond directly to inquiries from suppliers and employees. You can trigger further verification and approval processes in the Doxis4 invoice ledger. All important information required for invoice release can be found transparently in Doxis4:

  • Transparent digital invoice ledger
  • Find emails, quotations, orders, etc. in the invoice context
  • Automatic reminders for review and posting deadlines

Certified security

Doxis4 provides you with security signed and sealed.

From invoice receipt to posting, Doxis4 offers transparency and security: The software documents all steps and archives these with the related documents in an audit-proof manner. With the certified Doxis4 software, you can demonstrate to auditors and authorities at any time your compliance with international standards (e.g. ISO 16175-2), data protection regulations (e.g. EU GDPR) and eInvoicing regulations. This also applies to outbound documents like the confirmation of receipt, which Doxis4 automatically creates for you.

Best practices

Invoice processing worldwide

Consistent processes across all departments and locations: With Doxis4, Eissmann Group Automotive manages its invoice processes transparently and traceably worldwide.

Expanding your solution

Discover smart mail processing

What works for invoices, also works with your inbound mail. If you use Doxis4 to process invoices, you already have the technology platform to digitally process your inbound mail. This creates the basis for many more digital processes across departments.

Invoice processing with Doxis4: Technical highlights

  • For all formats: paper, PDF, XML, Office formats, electronic invoice formats, EDI, etc.
  • For invoices with & without a PO reference (including automatic posting), single, partial, collective & final invoices
  • Digital invoice ledger
  • Covers all types of release processes
  • Deep integration in SAP & flexible connection to any ERP & financial accounting system
  • Automatically define processors & escalation mechanisms
  • Supports a wide range of currencies and up to 13 languages
  • Integrated data warehouse with extensive reports
  • Extendible to establish company-wide inbound mail processing & even a complete ECM platform

Discover Doxis4

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