Industry 4.0
thrives on connectivity

ECM for engineering & construction

ECM for engineering & construction

ECM connects people, machines, products and business processes.

Industry 4.0 entails the complete digitalization of all company areas and the automation of processes inside and outside of the manufacturing process; it intricately connects all parts of the value chain. Networks and digitalization are causing an explosion in the amount of data, documents and processes. Doxis4 focuses on the availability of information — helping you meet your goal to efficiently manage resources and fulfill individual customer requirements at consistently competitive prices. With Doxis4, you ensure transparent business activities and maintain full control of your workflows. Improve your service, boost your performance and add value — with Doxis4!

ECM solutions for engineering & construction

Machinery & life-cycle files

Electronic files give you a structured, 360° perspective of all information: data, specifications, CAD drawings, inspection reports, change requests, documentation, correspondence from various systems and much more.

Project files & virtual project rooms

Collaboration solutions create a shared and up-to-date basis of information for employees and external business partners, such as suppliers and customers. You transparently and automatically manage tasks and processes, keeping a complete overview at all times.

Digital document processes

Manage your change requests and approvals efficiently using automated workflows between project planning, construction and production — with full transparency, clear versioning and an archive of the entire history.

Documentation & quality management

From construction releases to versioned and archived CAD drawings and certifications, Doxis4 clearly documents every step of the manufacturing process — helping you to minimize liability risks and optimize your quality management.

Doxis4 in engineering & construction companies

The advantages of Doxis4


Versioning & archiving of CAD drawings


Make structured information available in eFiles


Automate document management workflows


Collaborate in digital project rooms


Integrate into CAD, PLM, ERP, CRM and Office systems


Document all process steps


Customized solutions for engineering & construction

Industry 4.0 connects people, machines, products and business processes — and is causing an explosion in the amount of data, documents, business and technical processes. Read on to find out more about processing, managing and storing all relevant documents and information — from the initial customer inquiry to construction and delivery — with Doxis4 solutions tailored to your needs.


Best practice

Process optimization around the globe

As a supplier of plant and machinery to industrial sector customers worldwide, SEW-EURODRIVE needs perfectly harmonized processes and fast access to information. Read on to find out how the drive solution specialists have optimized their information and process management on an international scale with Doxis4.


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Doxis4 is available in 13 languages

Multilingualism & Unicode capability make Doxis4 the ideal ECM platform for global deployment.

Doxis4 is highly scalable with a multitenant architecture that can be deployed globally and managed centrally. Doxis4 is available in English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Hungarian and Arabic. This means that with Doxis4, international companies can provide their employees all user interfaces and metadata in their local languages.

Minimize liability risks

Doxis4 introduces transparency and security throughout the entire life cycle.

Minimize your liability risks with the compliant, transparent and seamless documentation of all manufacturing processes. With Doxis4, you archive all supporting documents along with their version history and all audit and release steps over the entire product life cycle. Industry 4.0 needs ECM solutions not only in manufacturing, but also in business processes to support document creation and management from start to finish of the auditing process. With Doxis4, you are able to demonstrate the fulfillment of requirements: The numerous Doxis4 certifications are testimony to this.


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Production, R&D, materials procurement, customer service: Wherever you manage your information, with Doxis4 you do it digitally from end to end and with solutions that integrate with one another seamlessly. Doxis4 lays the groundwork for Industry 4.0!

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