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ECM for pharma & life sciences

ECM for pharma & life sciences

Take on the competition with Doxis4.

The research sector is booming, new drug approvals are at an all-time high, and biosimilars and generics are competing with their branded counterparts. While this means a greater choice of products and lower prices for consumers, for the drug companies it increases the competitive pressure. Cost-effective processes and securing patents as early as possible are key for these companies — but not at the cost of neglecting regulatory obligations, jeopardizing new product launches and putting their reputations on the line. Take on the competition: Accelerate your research and approval processes and take zero risks when it comes to compliance. How? With Doxis4!

ECM solutions for pharma & life sciences

eFiles for regulatory documents

Electronic files bring together study data, test documents, approval documents, electronic signatures, emails, data from ERP & business applications, and much more.

Quality management

Manage your GLP and other good practice guidelines, as well as security and health & safety regulations for labs, and communicate them effectively with the digital Doxis4 QM manual.


Doxis4 transparently documents studies, trials and compliance with ISO standards and IT procedures — and helps you to pass audits by contract partners with flying colors.

Automated processes

Automatically manage the review and release of approval documents, patent applications, contracts with research partners and more with Doxis4 — transparently, rapidly and securely.


Quality management with Doxis4

Keep all employees apprised of the latest guidelines, process descriptions and instructions with Doxis4 — and prove your compliance with quality standards at any time. Read on to find out how the Doxis4 QM manual supports your quality management systems.


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The advantages of Doxis4


Maintain a shared basis of information — always up-to-date


Access all regulatory documents at any time


Produce seamless evidence in liability issues


Speed up processes with automated document management


Securely collaborate in international research teams


Archive documents with retention periods in line with audit requirements

Secure process & information management

Digitally map your processes from end to end and ensure the validity of your information with Doxis4.

Protected information & processes

With Doxis4, you no longer have to worry about unauthorized access to sensitive information or the manipulation/loss of Research findings. Doxis4 lets you decide exactly who can see, edit and delete what data. 

Documented creation & release processes

All processing steps are fully transparent with Doxis4: You keep track of new information, changes to documents and releases at all times. Doxis4 documents all decisions and updates in full.

Secure collaboration

Take no risks — use Doxis4 to collaborate with international research teams and external appraisers: Organize the exchange of information, joint processes and tasks quickly and easily in the secure Doxis4 iRoom.


Certified security with Doxis4

Doxis4 is certified for numerous national, international and sector-specific laws, regulations, norms and standards. Read on to find out which compliance requirements you can fulfill with Doxis4.


Compliance in a regulated environment

Stay demonstrably compliant, with Doxis4.

Companies in the pharma and life sciences sector are heavily regulated. With Doxis4, you meet compliance requirements and document them seamlessly.

  • Manage the data of study participants in line with the EU GDPR — Doxis4 is certified as compliant with this standard
  • Comply with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations on electronic recordings and signatures
  • Store documents in line with audit requirements: Doxis4 automatically complies with legal retention periods

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Doxis4 is available in 13 languages

Multilingualism & Unicode capability make Doxis4 the ideal ECM platform for global deployment.

Doxis4 is highly scalable with a multitenant architecture that can be deployed globally and managed centrally. Doxis4 is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Hungarian, Dutch and Arabic. This means that with Doxis4, international companies can provide their employees all user interfaces and metadata in their local languages.


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Production, R&D, materials procurement, customer service: Wherever you manage your information, with Doxis4 you do it digitally from end to end and with solutions that integrate with one another seamlessly. Doxis4 lays the groundwork for industry 4.0!

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