Receipt Confirmation

Receipt Confirmation

Process-oriented delivery of confirmation documents

Doxis4 Receipt Confirmation is a comprehensive standard solution for managing, processing and archiving receipt confirmations in accordance with Section 17a(2) of the German VAT Implementation Ordinance (UStDV). As soon as the invoice is created in the ERP system, the user can decide whether a receipt confirmation is needed. Automatic processing is activated once the invoice is archived in Doxis4. Doxis4 autonomously locates goods and supplier data in the ERP system and generates an e-mail to the recipient containing all essential information, including a prewritten confirmation of receipt.

The multilingual Doxis4 solution bundle offers predefined templates that can be used to communicate with buyers and which allow emails to be processed automatically. The recipient of the goods simply clicks on "Reply" to send the confirmation of receipt. No signature is necessary when responding electronically! Doxis4 receives the response email, analyzes the content to determine the outcome, and then archives the e-mail in an audit-proof way.

Your benefits

  • Automatically generated confirmation of receipt
  • Compliance with all provisions of Section 17a(2) UStDV
  • Automatic processing of reply from recipient
  • Convenient, client-based monitoring of responses
  • Automatic error management, e.g., completeness, date discrepancies, etc.
  • Safeguard the VAT-exempt status of goods moved within Europe
  • Implement the new legal requirements in existing processes with minimum additional effort for suppliers and recipients
  • Simple to roll out and ideal for integrating into existing ERP and accounting systems
  • Archive and retrieve receipt confirmations connected to the business transaction in compliance with audit requirements

Legal requirements

Invoices for deliveries from Germany to within Europe that fall under the scope of the German Value Added Tax Act (UStG) are exempt ­from VAT. To comply with the rules on tax-exempt status, the supplier must provide proof of proper delivery.

Since October 1, 2013, this proof can take the form of a "receipt confirmation" in accordance with Section 17a(2) UStDV – and the process can be automated using Doxis4 Receipt Confirmation.



If no proof of delivery can be furnished, VAT (back) payments may be necessary. Using other forms of documentation as receipt confirmations can cause problems with the tax office in the event of a tax audit. The process thus carries tax-related risks!


Automatic receipt confirmation process using Doxis4

Automatic receipt confirmation process using Doxis4

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