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Doxis4 ECM – the key technology for banks and financial service providers

New digital business models have revolutionized business in the financial services sector. Information related to complex banking transactions is extremely important from the perspectives of volume, availability and security. The amount of documents in daily business is growing steadily: loan applications, risk analyses, contracts, credit ratings, real estate assessments, stock settlements, etc. For security and compliance reasons, these documents, processes and files must be safely stored and accessible throughout business processes — an important competitive advantage. To this end, intelligent information management with Doxis4 offers a wide range of solutions for banks and financial service providers.

ECM solutions for banks & financial service providers

Loan & lease files

Electronic files for loans, leases or real estate financing bring together and instantly provide all documents and customer data relevant for the decision-making process.

Integration in bank systems

Doxis4 takes over information from leading applications to index electronic loan files, contract files, etc. and to retrieve loan files from the leading system.

Digital document processes

Location-independent & effective processing of loans, providing digital statements of account, monthly payment plans, etc., all the way to customer portals.

Governance, risk & compliance (GRC)

With Doxis4, it’s easy to publish and manage specifications and official documents for risk management and to fulfill requirements for quality management.

Brexit as an opportunity — switch now to cutting-edge ECM

The secure path to modern information management

Great Britain is leaving the EU and many banks are relocating to continue profiting from the EU Single Market. The move may be a nuisance, but it offers banks an excellent opportunity to modernize their IT systems. The bank sector was actually one of the first sectors to implement document management. Now, however, many of these legacy systems and their technologies have become outdated. Furthermore, system performance and scalability are poor and maintenance is reaching its end. Doxis4 throws off the shackles of legacy systems and helps you to decommission outdated and poorly maintained systems. With Doxis4, you have a leading international ECM platform that empowers you to implement a wide and diverse range of banking-specific ECM applications. The migration takes place without any interruptions in operations.

The advantages of Doxis4


Audit-proof archiving of documents & transaction data


Information in loan records structured & readily available


Process-supported document management


Digital project rooms for customer portals


Integration in core bank systems & procedures, ERP, CRM & MS Office


Quality management & procedural documentation

These banks & financial service providers have decided to work with Doxis4

Best Practice

Property financial service provider invests in quality

Since launching its ECM system, Aareal Bank has continuously added to Doxis4 to include an electronic organizational manual (blue book) which is implemented with Doxis4 modules. Find out how Aareal Bank is able to securely document business processes, organizational structures and procedures according to legal and internal requirements.


Fulfill & demonstrate compliance requirements

Doxis4 doesn’t only document all information & financial processes, it also ensures their validity.

Regulatory requirements increasingly govern financial markets. Risk management (GRC) stipulates that all financial processes must be managed in compliance with the obligatory rules and sets of guidelines – supported by sound reporting. Doxis4 helps banks and financial service providers to publish and manage specification documents and documentation in a simple and easy way. There is a long list of Doxis4 certifications that ensure you are able to fulfill requirements:


Certified security with Doxis4

Doxis4 is certified to meet numerous domestic and international laws, regulations, norms and standards. This is confirmed by independent, renowned auditors in their certifications and certificates. Find out here which compliance requirements you can meet with Doxis4.


Doxis4 is available in 13 languages

Multilingualism & Unicode capability make Doxis4 the ideal ECM platform for multinational deployment.

Doxis4 is highly scalable with a multitenant architecture that can be deployed globally and centrally managed. Doxis4 is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Hungarian and Arabic. This means that with Doxis4, international companies can provide their employees user interfaces and metadata in their local languages.

Does your legacy ECM system lack flexibility? Switch to Doxis4 unlimited!

Make the move to Doxis4 quickly, audit-proof and efficiently with our proven migration concept.

Discontinued support, missing scalability, security gaps — all good reasons to replace outdated archive, DMS and workflows applications. Doxis4 throws off the shackles of legacy systems and helps you to decommission outdated, poorly maintained systems. With the Doxis4 Consolidation Service, you can successfully switch to a company-wide Doxis4 ECM platform — quickly, audit-proof and resource-efficiently. SER’s migration approach has proven successful in hundreds of cases — regardless of whether you have to migrate ten gigabytes or hundreds of terabytes:

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