SERvice Plus for your ECM projects

At SER, PS stands not only for Professional Service, but also for performance strength and personnel size. We offer real unique selling points in the German-speaking ECM sector – particularly if you include the regional availability of SER Professional Service across 14 sites in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With the expertise afforded by 35 years of ECM experience, SER is ideally placed to offer everything from a single source, including organisational and technological design, implementation, further development, support and maintenance. Working in partnership with the customer, PS ensures optimal integration and effective utilisation of ECM technology with Doxis4, with the resulting economic benefits and effective process optimisations offering a clear edge over the competition.

Professional Service makes use of the Doxis4 iECM suite to bring all of your enterprise content management projects to life, whether it's inbound communication and invoice processing, electronic archiving, document management, task and business process management, or even quality and knowledge management projects. The diversity of Doxis4 projects is immense, spanning from individual solutions for special areas of activity with short implementation times right through to highly complex, company-wide group platforms. At Deutsche Bahn, for example, ten to twelve SER specialists have been conducting periodic visits to the customer's site for several years to assist with company-wide development and enhancement of solutions.

Know-how plus: Vendor + supplier

Doxis4 includes comprehensive ECM functions as standard. Part of the configuration (or customising) process performed by SER Professional Service involves ensuring that ECM functions are available in the context of content and process management. Just as flexibility and functional range represent key selling points of the Doxis4 software, one of the clear advantages of Professional Service surrounds expertise in terms of functions and adaptation potential. This is where the advantages of SER being the vendor, supplier and implementation partner of its own software really come into play. PS integration processes are carried out according to the philosophy of “comply with standards where possible, with individual adaptations where necessary and appropriate.”

ECM professionals with years of project experience

The combination of the extensive experience and staffing levels within the Professional Service team – not to mention the expertise in ECM, organisation and technology – allows SER to form project teams made up of staff who know all there is to know about the relevant project. This means that customer-specific requirements can be taken into consideration without a hitch – whether these involve particular divisional or sector-specific ECM systems, global distribution scenarios with the appropriate language considerations, or integration into central software platforms from SAP, Microsoft, or Oracle, etc.

Professional Service employees are real ECM specialists. The PS structure includes technical consultants for implementing necessary infrastructures (such as databases, operating systems, etc.), ECM consultants for customising Doxis4 solutions, and corporate consultants, to name just a few examples. Technical consultants possess in-depth knowledge regarding the implementation and capabilities of the Doxis4 iECM suite and can even get stuck into the “machinery” itself if required.

The basic training for project employees includes a project management course. Project managers can also go on to achieve project management certifications (such as PMP, Prince 2, IPMA, etc.), which are often listed as a requirement in job advertisements. On a technical level, further education and training is carried out internally through the SERacademy “Training on the Job” with experienced colleagues and by participating in regular specialist round-table events. In addition, the comprehensive range of product documentation available is supplemented by an internal wiki. Many of the Professional Service employees also specialise in particular product ranges or subject areas.

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An overview of PS

  • The largest SER business sector: 170 employees throughout Europe
  • 35 years of ECM project experience
  • 10x in Germany, 14x in the DACH region
  • Regionally independent PS teams at the respective SER sites
  • Areas of activity: Project work, customer service, project development, SERviceDesk

Competent SERvice straight from the vendor

SER places considerable emphasis on long-term, reliable partnerships and whether it's dealing with software licences, service provisions or acting as a general contractor, the company is a one-stop shop when it comes to realising projects from start to finish. When it comes to introducing complex ECM software solutions successfully, it is absolutely essential to have clearly defined responsibilities and specific contacts in place. Our comprehensive service provisions ensure that Doxis4 solutions are always integrated into your organisation and IT landscape in the best possible way with long-term support.

  • Management consulting

    We provide advice on various organisational and technical possibilities to suit your requirements, delivering all-round decision-making support. And when it comes to profitability, we also offer a range of efficient and effective options that can be incorporated into your existing IT infrastructure to maximum effect.

  • Preparation of requirement specifications

    As part of a situational analysis, requirements are determined based on your needs and objectives. The resulting observations take your business processes and IT equipment into consideration and highlight potential for both improvement and rationalisation. Our specialists then use this information to develop a concrete catalogue of requirements for hardware and software, which is used in turn to create a detailed requirement specification including all required functions, adaptations and areas of use. Of course, you still get to determine the system configuration you require.

  • Project implementation

    The stages of project planning include preparation, design, implementation, installation, prototyping and testing before ultimately rolling-out into the production system. To support you through the entire project implementation phase, our project managers are on hand either at your site or – if you prefer – via remote access to your system. The option is also available for us to create process documentation in line with the generally accepted principles of computerised accounting systems.

  • Education and training – SERacademy

    Learning how to use SER solutions is a piece of cake. That said, it's still advisable for your employees to familiarise themselves with the processes by participating in training courses to discover the full range of functional possibilities in no time at all. These courses are delivered by our competent and experienced training staff and held either in state-of-the-art SERacademy training rooms with all of the latest equipment in Bonn, Berlin, Stuttgart and Vienna, or – if you prefer – from the convenience of your own surroundings. All training courses involve a significant proportion of practical exercises designed to boost the learning experience of the participants.

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  • Maintenance

    SER's long-term commitment to maintenance is a key contributing factor when it comes to the security of your investment. You can enjoy direct benefits as a result of constantly adapting the SER solutions to changing market requirements and technologies. SER has a range of different maintenance packages available – in addition to the standard package with SERviceDesk support during normal working hours, it also offers additional services such as system administration and support, as well as the 24/7 premium service. The many features of system administration include proactive monitoring of your system and first-level support; however, the 24/7 premium maintenance service comes complete with a dedicated support team of certified SER employees – available 365 days a year – and a comprehensive range of system care and maintenance services.

Professional Service sites

The professional Service division is represented through 14 regional sites across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We offer comprehensive services from consulting through implementation to support – right where you need us. Select a city to learn more about your local SER Branch office.

  • Bonn (headquarters)
  • Berlin
  • Oberentfelden
  • Klagenfurt
  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Hamburg
  • München
  • Münster
  • Stuttgart

The scope of Professional Service

  • Project management
  • Organisation and business-process consultancy
  • Basic and detailed planning
  • Software adaptations and maintenance
  • Software implementation
  • Integration into existing IT landscape (ERP, CRM, HR, Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, etc.)
  • System introduction into live systems
  • Go-live support
  • Creation of process documentation
  • Support with certification measures
  • Support/Helpdesk