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The SERacademy is SER's training team. In no time at all you'll learn how to get the most out of your Doxis4 solutions — and support your entire company with the knowledge you gain. We show you pro tips and tricks to ensure your Doxis4 solutions are deployed optimally: from basic set-up to advanced options and special functions to everyday use. Choose from one of our ultra-modern training locations near you or contact us to set up on-site or virtual training.

NEW: Virtual Doxis4 training through the SERacademy

Due to the current situation, we have extended our offering: You can now simply take part online in virtual training. You can find all information in our training catalog.

Customized training

We offer training customized to your company, users & special projects as well as honed to your focus areas, level of expertise and needs. Your users will be empowered to get the most value out of your Doxis4 solutions.

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Our standard training modules

Technical administrators

Learn how to configure and maintain the Doxis4 Content Service Bus and its components. Modules focus on storage virtualization, replication and information life-cycle management (ILM).

Specialized administrators & developers

The focus of your training is on Doxis4 cubeDesigner, which lets you design classification schemes, workflows, filing and search dialogs, and also manage users and authorizations. Or go one step further by developing and customizing your Doxis4 solutions to your exact needs.

Power users

Discover the full extent of Doxis4's capabilities and contribute this know-how in your company as a power user. Learn how, for instance, you can efficiently combine search, filter and grouping functions and find the right document quickly.

Training catalog

Find out more about the training we offer

  • 26 standard modules
  • Duration: 1 to 4 days
  • Large practical element
  • Expert instructors
  • Certificate of completion

Training currently available in English

  • Doxis4 CSB Functional Administration

    Doxis4 CSB Functional Administration

    The Doxis4 CSB Functional Administration course focuses on the Doxis4 cubeDesigner client and its design tools in conjunction with the administrative functions for organization and rights management. You will experience the practical interaction of Doxis4 cubeDesigner with the Doxis4 winCube client and Doxis4 CSB.

    In the beginning, you will learn the theoretical basics of the structure of Doxis4 CSB and analyze a demo project. A condensed presentation of the various functions of the Doxis4 winCube client is provided, and the design of the demo application in Doxis4 cubeDesigner is analyzed and extended.. You will then design a realistic example project by yourself and apply your knowledge in exercises. The topics subscriptions, batch processing, filing from file system and the use of document templates are covered. Your finished design will then be capped off by a defined authorization concept in the organizational administration.

    Info & Registration
    Info & Registration
  • Doxis4 webCube Scripting

    Doxis4 webCube Scripting

    Visual Basic scripts can be used to adapt the functions of Doxis4 winCube to meet your individual needs. Visual Basic, the scripting language used by Doxis4 winCube, provides several possibilities for users to define and maintain the application individually.

    Get to know the customization possibilities of Doxis4 webCube to your company-specific requirements. We provide you with knowledge of the Doxis4 webCube object model. Examples for filing, search, and result lists are developed in the training. Optionally, scripts for transaction processing (BPM) can be discussed.

    Info & Registration
    Info & Registration
  • Doxis4 File Import Service (FIPS)

    Doxis4 File Import Service (FIPS)

    Today, computer systems generate vast amounts of data in companies and administrations. This data has to be stored for many years due to operational requirements and legal regulations. Doxis4 File Import Service (FIPS) is available for this purpose. It is the client of the Doxis4 iECM Suite for automatic conversion, separation, indexing and archiving of mass data.
    The Doxis4 File Import Service (FIPS) course teaches you how to use and customize Doxis4 File Import Service (FIPS) to meet your needs. In addition, participants will also learn basic troubleshooting and monitoring.

    Info & Registration
    Info & Registration
  • Doxis4 Agent Service

    Doxis4 Agent Service

    The Doxis4 Agent Service makes it possible to react flexibly to events in Doxis4 and to trigger customer-specific automatic events in the form of Java or groovy programs known as "agents". Typical events in Doxis4 CSB include archiving a document, changing descriptors, or adding a document to a record. However, the possible events are manifold.

    In the Doxis4 Agent Service training course, participants will learn how to administer, use and customize defined standard agents. In addition, product-specific basics for the development of agents in the programming languages Java and Groovy are learned.

    Info & Registration
    Info & Registration
  • Doxis4 Records

    Doxis4 Records

    The Doxis4 Relationship Service manages electronic file directories and classification schemes as part of your Doxis4 DMS/BPM management system. In this course, participants will become acquainted with the technical and business configuration for creating electronic files. In addition, participants will learn about classification schemes and the creation and authorization of personal and public directories based on real-life examples. The comprehensive rights management, including the inheritance logic of file rights for documents, rounds off the overview. 

    Info & Registration
    Info & Registration
  • Doxis4 BPM

    Doxis4 BPM

    The Doxis4 BPM training course is designed for people who use the integrated transaction processing within the framework of Doxis4 winCube. On the first day, participants will become acquainted with the architecture of Doxis4 BPM and its various administrative components.

    The extended user administration with Doxis4 cubeDesigner for setting up workbasket users, use of workbasket processes, and integrated process management are the focus of the event. The process concepts "ad-hoc" and "structured process model" are explained based on  practical examples, and the technical and conceptual implementation is analyzed in cubeDesigner. From the second day on, Doxis4 process definitions will be used to implement process instances of varying degrees of complexity. Participants will not only learn how to conceive and illustrate processes, but also how to design the necessary dialogs and integrate automatic agents. The extended rights in the access control module of cubeDesigner as well as the workbasket rights management are explained in detail.

    Info & Registration
    Info & Registration
  • Doxis4 winCube Scripting add-on for BPM

    Doxis4 winCube Scripting add-on for BPM

    Visual Basic scripts can be used to adapt the functions of Doxis4 winCube to meet your individual needs. Visual Basic, the scripting language used by Doxis4 winCube, provides several possibilities for users to define and maintain the application individually.

    In the Doxis4 winCube Scripting add-on for BPM course, you will learn how to adapt Doxis4 winCube to your company-specific requirements. We provide you with knowledge of the Doxis4 winCube object model in relation to business process functionality. During the training, examples in the area of case processing are developed.

    Info & Registration
    Info & Registration

Strengthen your Doxis4 know-how in the SERacademy Virtual Lab!

Continue practicing in Doxis4 even after the training seminar – in the Virtual Lab Plus, which also includes a personal training and a Q&A forum. Simply book your package when signing up for training or even up to 2 months later:


SERacademy Virtual Lab Basis

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