Ready to run – wherever you want

Doxis4: Cloud, on-premises & hybrid


Diverse range of deployment options: on-premises, cloud & hybrid


Multi-platform: operating systems, databases & (cloud) storage


Licensing models according to your needs: unlimited licenses or subscription based

Flexible to meet changing requirements

Doxis4 is made for a wide variety of deployment scenarios.

Do you want to run your ECM system in your own data center or in a private cloud? Should SER or a partner manage operations? Or do you want a hybrid solution that locally stores sensitive information and provides other information globally in the cloud? Doxis4 offers the necessary flexibility and independence: Doxis4 in the cloud and on-premises are one and the same technology. Simply choose the deployment and licensing model that fits your needs best!

Doxis4 deployment and licensing options

Best practice

From the data center into the cloud

Over 70,000 users, more than 300 million documents & 21 tenants — the company-wide Bahn Content Management (BCM) system with the Doxis4 platform. Learn more about BCM, which was first run in the DB Systel data center in 2011 and has since been completely shifted to the cloud.

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Tailored to your IT

You have the freedom to choose — after all, the technology and functional scope are the same in any case: The Doxis4 Cloud drives your digitalization to the next level — ready to launch with unlimited scalability on a leading public cloud platform. Doxis4 on-premises consolidates your existing IT infrastructure and even cuts down on costs. Or choose the hybrid approach and take advantage of the benefits of both options.



Create solutions with our comprehensive cloud platform for ECM, BPM & collaboration. You don’t have to manage your own server hardware or handle complex IT tasks; no high initial invest­ments are necessary. The Doxis4 Cloud offers the highest level of security, scalability & availability while providing maximum financial and technological flexibility. 

Doxis4 in your data center

Do you have a big IT team and your own data center? Then it might make sense to run and maintain your Doxis4-based enterprise content management, process and collaboration solutions together with other applications in your own data center. In this situation, Doxis4 supports all important operating systems, database technologies and storage solutions.


Doxis4 — the future of your information management

Do you want to learn more about the future-ready content services platform Doxis4, which unites content, processes and collaboration on-premises and in the cloud? This brochure tells you how Doxis4 covers a diverse range of document and process management requirements.

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Multi-platform support

Server operating systems

  • Windows Server x64
  • Linux (SLES, RedHat)
  • Unix (AIX)
  • Additional systems on request

Application server

  • Wildfly
  • IBM Websphere
  • Additional systems on request


  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • IBM DB2


  • VMware
  • Docker
  • Citrix

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