Our Mission

We believe that informed and knowledgeable people make the decisive difference in every company. Only through their commitment, drive and creativity will companies be successful.


The more informed, integrated and supported employees are, the more successful the company is.

We feel that there is personal meaning to be found in work. Those who know what they aim to achieve and how they contribute to success are more committed, more productive and happier. Those who work with both their hearts and intellect will accomplish more. Those who contribute their knowledge, skills and ideas to innovative work will find purpose in their profession and will play a greater role in a company's success.

We are absolutely convinced that information is the source and inspiration of all actions and decision-making. The better we organize collaboration between people and the more effectively we provide information to teams, projects and processes, the greater the work results will be. We see it as our challenge to manage the diverse array of information in companies so that people have the flexibility and space to contribute their knowledge and creativity.

What’s makes us stand out is that we anticipate innovations and implement the best solutions for our customers. We provide the right information at the right time, at the right location and in the right quality! Based on this firm conviction, we are successfully developing cognitive and collaborative software that simplifies teamwork, structures networks, relieves people of routine tasks and keeps everyone up-to-date.

We are enhancing our software with cognitive skills and capabilities to find the best solution from the flood of information and options out there. With the Doxis4 Digital Workspace, we are creating the optimal universal working environment for employees to develop and grow. We help them to tap their full potential — to be more productive, less stressed and more satisfied.

No matter what the working world of the future will be, we will shape it together with you.


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