Our Vision

Our vision is based on humane progress that taps technological potential to the benefit of both people and companies. In accomplishing this, we offer an alternative to naïve technicism. Everything we do, we do for people!


Digitalization will greatly impact how we live, work and produce in the future. Machines will be taking over more and more tasks for us. In the transformation phase of the next 10 to 20 years, the organization of work will change fundamentally. Instead of linear value chains, networks will emerge. Machines will take over and automate an increasing number of routine cognitive and communicative tasks. Instead of performing services themselves, people will monitor and manage them. While this shift in roles may be unstoppable, we can influence it together with you!

The digital transformation is historically comparable to the industrial revolution. It is causing disruptive changes in the working world and poses a fundamental upheaval in intellectual work. Companies with hierarchical decision-making processes and inaccessible information silos will turn into agile organizations that can react faster and more effectively to market volatility.

Just like the engine rooms of the 19th and 20th centuries, the digital information space will play a crucial role in the development of work and business. It will become the new platform for knowledge work. Industrial information work will be passed on to machines. To the same degree, we will boost knowledge-centric value chain processes as well as interdisciplinary and creative work — which no machine can handle.

Information and knowledge are more important than all other production factors. They are increasingly necessary to perform any kind of work. Meanwhile, change is taking place at a faster and faster rate and interdependencies are becoming more complex. Innovative technological advances are the only way to not only handle the explosive growth in information, but also process information diversity. This is how new knowledge is created.

The machine performs, the human decides. From production to knowledge work: Information flows are being re-structured and steered into new directions. Pioneering forms of collaboration between people and machines will emerge. Spatial and temporal services will play a less important role: corporate culture will focus on outcomes, not on physical presence. And this means having maximum mobility at work. The new working world will be shaped by dynamic networks with a high level of dialog expertise. Knowledge workers will be free to communicate within global communities at any time, independent of organizations.

In this environment, it will be increasingly important to ensure that knowledge and information systems are intuitive to use. The optimal user experience is the benchmark for digital work. Our user interfaces are there to connect and share knowledge; they easily adapt to the task at hand. Their purpose is to bring co-workers together by providing access to networks and professionalizing knowledge management. This kind of software encourages constant innovation; it organizes and ensures the global transparency of information, skills and capacities. Ultimately, this will elevate the working conditions for people and increase company productivity. We strive to create a new digital blueprint for the working world of the future based on this vision.


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