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Digitalization at light speed

Despite all the hype, digitalization is not so far advanced in companies that we can consider it a given. Digitalization is a prerequisite for artificial intelligence. The topic of digitalization may be firmly established in the minds of C-levels, but to what extent do their companies actually practice it? Can and do we really want to change information management and all of its business models and processes?

The digital revolution is forging ahead at light speed. It will not wait!

Many firms have become complacent due to their past successes and don't feel the pressure to start changing anything. Which is a mistake, as the competition is definitely one-sided: disruptive companies are the children of digitalization; they have been masters of it since birth.


Digitalization at light speed

The digital revolution is forging ahead at light speed. It will not wait. We are only at the beginning of epic developments in intelligent machines and the end is nowhere in sight. Until AI is fully developed, we should take the time to push ahead with digitalization. Without a powerful deep learning repository, AI applications will lack big data "food". These and many more aspects are all reasons why ECM systems need to be at the top of the agenda for most companies. For already 20 years now, the ECM system Doxis4 has been using neural networks for classification and extrac­tion. ECM systems are highly valuable and practical – they just need to be deployed.

It's the first step in the right direction!