Automate & assist – ECM & AI

Tuesday, February 18, 2020, 11:00 am to 11:45 am (CET)

Boost productivity & customer experience with cognitive services

In this webinar we’ll talk about how the latest AI technologies and methods for classification and extraction, text mining and analyses, etc. are helping companies to revolutionize customer service, user productivity, risk/fraud identification, and much more. The use cases are countless. Find out more in the webinar.

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In this webinar we will teach you:

How increasing the cognitive abilities of your ECM platform increases the value of your employees.

Less is more! Less time spent on mundane tasks equals more productivity.

How Doxis4 cognitive classification services will make you more responsive to your customers’ needs and increase their satisfaction.

Learn how SER customers benefit from Doxis4 Cognitive Services.

John Juerss

My name is John and I have lived and breathed content for over 20 years! Currently I am a Pre-Sales Consultant for SER Solutions International.

From the earliest days of web content management through to the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities of enterprise content management platforms, I have been involved in all aspects of consultancy, software development, pre-sales, marketing, sales enablement and partner management. A techie at heart but with a head for business, value engineering and solutions design, I relish the opportunity to share with you the advanced capabilities of SER Doxis4!