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SER Group makes new Doxis4 Universal Workspace SaaS solution available free of charge

SER Group makes new Doxis4 Universal Workspace SaaS solution available free of charge

(April 15, 2020 - Bonn) The SER Group helps companies enable digital working for all staff, anywhere, without media breaks. With the Universal Workspace SaaS solution, employees working from home and in distributed teams can organize tasks and documents easily and clearly, share them, and work on them traceably, in-house and with external users like customers and suppliers. This no-cost offer is valid for four weeks.

The current situation clearly shows just how important digital processes are for keeping business operations running, being available for customers and vendors, and collaborating on projects in teams.

DMS and digital processes are vital for working from home

In the last few weeks, the home office has become a necessary reality for many people. But experience shows that the transition from on-premise to home office is not always seamless. Approvals by e-mail can be time-consuming and are often not traceable. Collaboration becomes difficult when internal or external departments are not connected to the same systems and cannot access the needed content. And compliance rules are not rendered null and void just because employees work from home instead of at the office.

“Companies that have invested in digitalization, and can provide functioning access to business-critical information and control of follow-on process, have a big advantage. No company can afford for orders to get bogged down or customer and vendor relationships to suffer because staff are suddenly cut off from the information,” says SER Group CSO Stefan Zeitzen. “With this new offer we’re helping to overcome this hurdle. We provide a virtual space for collaboration, open up information silos in companies, and enable fast, simple interdisciplinary processes across department boundaries. 

Business continuity – Universal Workspace as a pragmatic solution

Companies just getting started with digitalization cannot initiate major projects in exceptional circumstances. What they need is a pragmatic approach that helps them quickly resume operations.

“The new Universal Workspace is a simple but highly capable Software as a Service (SaaS) application. It gives companies a solution that lets their staff quickly continue working remotely. It’s ready to go right away and doesn’t tie up IT resources,” notes Stefan Zeitzen.

Universal Workspace is intuitive to operate. Users create individual or team workspaces for customers, vendors or shared projects. They can drag and drop documents, notes and tasks into the workspace, invite other users to join them, and assign the necessary authorizations. All participants have the same up to date information.

Ready to meet any challenge

Universal Workspace is a simple and pragmatic way to lay the groundwork for digital remote working, and provides immediate entry into digital collaboration. It can be linked to existing Doxis4 applications at any time, to synchronize the data in it with a central Doxis4 company solution.

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Sobre el grupo SER

SER es el mayor desarrollador de software* europeo de soluciones completas de Gestión de Contenido Empresarial relacionada con la logística de información. Con más de 600 empleados en 15 sociedades en 22 sedes propias internacionales, SER ofrece a sus clientes en sus instalaciones asesoramiento personal, asistencia, así como implementación y mantenimiento. Además, hay que sumarle una red de socios experimentados. En total, son con más de 5 millón usuarios los que se incluyen entre los clientes de SER.

Desde 35 años SER desarrolla software "Made in Germany" para empresas de todos los sectores. El paquete Doxis4 iECM completamente orientado al servicio es un hito tecnológico y ofrece posibilidades flexibles para cada escenario ECM. La solución incluye archivado electrónico y gestión de documentos, expedientes electrónicos y workflow, procesamiento automático de la entrada de correo y archivado de correo electrónico.

* SER es, como número 1, el mayor fabricante de ECM europeo teniendo en cuenta el volumen de ventas, el margen bruto, el rendimiento de la empresa y el número de empleados, de acuerdo con los balances publicados en la actualidad.