Prospecto: Doxis4 ECM platform

Company-wide document & business process management

Doxis4 ECM platform

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One software, many solutions

An ECM solution that is both future-ready and extendible brings together content, processes and collaboration on a single technology platform. It creates the basis for the end-to-end digitalization of diverse business processes and meets the needs of a wide range of departments. Doxis4 fulfills these requirements and is your gateway to company-wide document and process management.

In this brochure, you learn

  • How Doxis4 enables you to implement infinite numbers of applications with just one software solution
  • How SER customers to have rolled out and extended Doxis4 company-wide
  • How Doxis4 consolidates your IT landscape & integrates systems such as SAP & Microsoft
  • Why one platform for ECM, BPM & collaboration is a sustainable long-term solution