Managing the ECM generation change – the right way

(February 15, 2016 - Berlin) Poor support, a lack of scalability, security gaps – there are many reasons to do away with outdated enterprise content management (ECM) systems. Still, the switch to a modern ECM system can be rocky if the data migration is not well thought out. With the Doxis4 Consolidation Service, SER now offers an ECM migration concept and tool that minimizes the effort and risks involved in a transformation process.

"Never change a running system!" Unfortunately, this kind of thinking will get you nowhere anymore. When it comes to migrating archives, DMS and ECM systems that have no viable future or are even obsolete, companies should see this as an opportunity to boost their efficiency and effectiveness in information and business process management – and thereby achieve competitive advantages.

A migration requires true expertise, as not only documents and data, but also context and relations have to be transferred from the source system to the target system without suffering losses. Making things more complicated, companies must also ensure that the migration process is audit-proof. This means guaranteeing that the entire migration process is always up to scratch – from data and document migration to tests and the documentation. Beyond this, quantity structures play a significant role, especially when millions of data sets and documents need to be migrated. Case in point: Fraport, one of the top airport businesses in the world, migrated an astounding 8.7 million legacy documents totaling 1.3 terabytes – without any system downtime – using the Doxis4 migration concept.

Shorter project times – lower maintenance costs

SER's Doxis4 Consolidation Service provides a high performing solution for gradually migrating data in live systems. Instead of exporting bulk data from the source system and importing it to Doxis4, the SER solution first transfers only the document metadata. In doing so, a storage adapter guarantees document access at all times, independent of the archive system.

In contrast to a classic migration, companies save not only time with this migration concept, but also a considerable amount of money. Companies can already decommission their old ECM systems directly after the metadata migration is complete. This saves significantly on operation and maintenance costs. The documents are completely migrated without lowering performance. What's more, companies are able to ensure that they are always audit-proof, as the source system data remains unchanged throughout the migration process.

Want to learn more about the Doxis4 Consolidation Service and its technical features? Click here: Whitepaper.

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