Meilleures pratiques: Aktion Mensch

Faster funding for social projects

Aktion Mensch: Faster funding for social projects

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Giving people immediate support

The earnings of the nationwide lottery of Aktion Mensch, an NGO charity in Germany, are financially supporting countless social projects. Now, the NGO is able to provide financial grants even faster. Doxis4 brings transparency to the information and workflows of the grant applications and ensures efficient organization-wide processes. This means that people are getting the help they need precisely when they need it most.

In our case study, you learn

  • How eFiles create a 360-degree view of project partners & applications
  • How grant project information is archived in an audit-proof way
  • Why end-to-end digital workflows are speeding up grant processing
  • How the daily work of employees is easier with document management functions