Broszura: Doxis-as-a-Service

Intelligent information management in the cloud


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Doxis on-premises & in the cloud

Doxis-as-a-service offers solutions that customize perfectly to your business, the diversity of your information, and the specific needs of your users. With Doxis-as-a-service, you receive the full flexibility and innovative technology of the Doxis ECM platform without having to deal with platform commissioning, administration or updates.

In this brochure, you’ll learn

  • How you can directly kick-start your digitalization with Doxis4-as-a-service
  • How you always work with the latest Doxis4 versions without manually updating
  • Which cloud and hybrid scenarios you can implement with Doxis4-as-a-service
  • What our managed services cover to ensure all your needs are met