Doxis4 will bring the publisher's digital transformation to the next level

(October 4, 2017 - Berlin) Mittelrhein-Verlag, publisher of the Rhein-Zeitung newspaper in Germany, has joined up with SER to deploy the ECM software Doxis4. With automated invoice management and electronic archiving for all invoice documents and data, Mittelrhein-Verlag is bringing the digitalization of its administration to the next level.

With approximately 185,000 subscribers, the Rhein-Zeitung is one of the largest regional newspapers in Germany and is read by 560,000 people daily. The publisher Mittelrhein-Verlag has been producing the daily newspaper since 1946. Modern typesetting and printing technology has always been an integral part of the newspaper's production. The publishing house initiated the digital transformation of its press offerings already in 2001. A pioneer in its industry, the newspaper was the first in the world to publish online as a 1:1 e-paper. Modern IT is also utilized in the digitalization of the publisher's business processes.

Integration of SAP and ECM

With the Doxis4 InvoiceMaster, Mittelrhein-Verlag has automated inbound invoice processing and launched a Doxis4 archive for the audit-proof storage of invoice documents and SAP data. The SER solution for invoice management covers invoice reading and verification and provides an electronic invoice monitor. To automate invoice data processing as effectively as possible, the SER solution was integrated with the leading SAP system. This means that the automatically read and validated invoice data is directly transferred to SAP. Without having to manually enter data, invoice processing – from invoice receipt to invoice posting - is considerably faster now. Along with digitized invoice data, the Doxis4 archive also stores SAP data from the ERP system. It is possible to search and display documents from the SER archive directly in the SAP system.


About Mittelrhein-Verlag

Mittelrhein-Verlag has been publishing the Rhein-Zeitung since 1946. The daily newspaper, with several regional editions, is the leading press organ in the Middle Rhine Valley. It is also one of the largest regional newspapers in Germany with approximately 185,000 subscribers. Because each issue is read by at least three people, the Rhein-Zeitung newspaper has a daily readership of approximately 560,000. The newspaper has a strong brand image not only in print, but also in the digital world, where it has long been a pioneer with an intelligent media mix.  There is also a digital Rhein-Zeitung newspaper app for Android and IOS devices.

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