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Computerworld Top 200: Once again, SER Group #1 in ECM

Computerworld Top 200: Once again, SER Group #1 in ECM

(July 28, 2020 - Bonn) The IT magazine Computerworld has just released its annual “Top 200*”, which evaluates and rates the Polish IT market in numerous categories. This year’s Top 200 has not only placed the SER Group in top positions in 21 categories, but also ranked SER once again the number one vendor in ECM and, for the first time, the number one vendor for the financial sector.

Computerworld, the leading Polish IT magazine, analyzes every year the economic data and market strength of almost 400 IT providers in the Polish market in its Top 200 Ranking*. It helps IT managers and their companies to find the right software providers. This year’s analysis revealed that the total revenue of the Polish IT market grew a solid 4.6% over the last year, with the strongest growth in banking, retail and public administration.

The year 2019 was also a very successful one for the SER Group in Poland. In addition to its positioning as the number one in the ECM market, SER welcomed several new and well-known companies from the Polish market to its customer roster. Demonstrating its expertise in and trust from the banking and financial services sector, SER is particularly proud to support one of the largest Polish full-service banks as a new customer.

Top positions for the SER Group

In addition to being the top ECM vendor in Poland, the SER Group is also now ranked the number one provider of solutions for the financial sector. Its SaaS offering moved up four places to position SER at #10 (#14 in 2019). Marcin Somla, Country Manager of SER Group in Poland is enthusiastic about its strong results: “We are very proud of our excellent positioning. We’ve recently experienced higher demand in the Polish market for intelligent information management and process automation solutions. Our ranking also confirms the rising importance of SaaS and cloud projects for our customers, who need a high level of agility in their digital transformation and flexible deployment options. It’s a huge advantage for them that Doxis4 can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid installation.”

The highlights of SER’s positioning

Beyond the top ten rankings, the SER Group performed well in various other key categories:

1st – ECM vendor in Poland

1st – Provider for financial sector

6th – Provider for education

9th – Provider for industry, manufacturing and construction

10th – Provider for enterprises and large corporations

10th – Provider in the cloud

11th – Provider for healthcare sector

12th – Provider for retail

13th – Provider for IT services (professional services)

14th  – Most profitable IT company in Poland (measured by net profits)

In the overall IT ranking of nearly 400 companies, the SER Group was placed 44th.

SER Group significantly expands footprint in Poland

“We have been number one in the Polish ECM market since 2017, which we feel is the result of our hard work, achievements and closeness to our customers in the Polish market. We have grown continuously over the years and have expanded both our team and partner network in Poland while also gaining many new customers. We are perfectly positioned to continue supporting our customers in their information management challenges in 2020," explains Morad Rhlid, Managing Director of SER Solutions International.

The COVID-19 pandemic has underlined the importance of solutions for document management, collaboration and end-to-end digital processes for business continuity. Companies and their employees are only able to work reliably and offer their customers the service they are accustomed to when they have access to relevant information and processes anytime and anywhere. With Doxis4, SER offers countless solutions on a unified platform, with which enterprises can manage information and processes company-wide.


*View the full details of the Polish IT market here (login or payment required for full details).

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A SER desenvolve software “Made in Germany” para empresas de todos os setores, ha já 35 anos. O completo sistema Doxis4 iECM-Suite, orientado para o serviço, é um marco tecnológico e oferece possibilidades flexíveis para todos os cenários ECM. O leque de soluções contempla a gestão e o arquivamento eletrónico de documentos, dossiers e fluxo de trabalho eletrónicos, o processamento automatizado da caixa de entrada e do arquivamento de e-mails.

* De acordo com os últimos balanços publicados, a SER ocupa a liderança da lista dos maiores fabricantes europeus de ECM no que diz respeito a vendas, margem bruta, resultado de exploração e número de colaboradores.