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It all started with a special type of document: the assembly order. These internal documents contain technical information relating to the products that are required for the assembly process. Back in 1993, around 1000 of these paper documents were handled every day and each of them had to be accessible at all times. So, to minimise the effort and expenditure involved in sorting, archiving and – above all – searching for the assembly orders, SEW-EURODRIVE made the decision to introduce an electronic archive from SER and has been a loyal customer of the ECM vendor ever since. In addition to the global roll-out of the DMS/archive solutions and the development of an internationally networked, high-availability storage infrastructure, the last two decades have seen the launch of increasing numbers of SER solutions for standardising and optimising processes, most notably for electronic records such as those in the field of industrial gear units. Just as they have from the outset, the solutions continue to be based on the latest software generation, which is currently Doxis4.

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