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Joint success with the International Partner Program

At SER we believe in ECM Excellence. Working closely together with our business partners, we're able to deliver ECM Excellence across the world. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the commercial needs of different markets and industries. We know that the necessary expertise is best managed by those with the relevant specialisation and focus – our business partners.

By joining the International Partner Program of SER (IPPS) you gain access to a high-end state-of-the-art ECM suite, while you bring dedicated and experienced professionals to the table to execute software implementations and projects successfully in your market and region. We work closely with our partners and understand that quick and pragmatic support is the key to success. SER carefully guides you from the begin­ning of a partnership to full independence through onboarding and an enablement process. We set up IPPS to make working with SER easy for our partners. Our goal is to get started quickly, work in a professional manner and generate joint business results.

Dmitry Mervitskiy

Country Manager, Russia & CIS

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Partner benefits

Our business partners enjoy the best possible support from our team to quickly generate results.

  • Access to a best-in-class product and the experience of a leading supplier of enterprise content management
  • Sound relationships and a strong basis for individual (software) developments
  • Collaborative approach with quick and pragmatic support
  • Common goals and joint market approach
  • Guidance and support at all stages of partnership with an elaborated onboarding and enablement process, development of an annual business plan as well as joint strategy and review meetings

Level of Partnership

IPPS generally differentiates between three levels of partnership. Our business partners must meet certain requirements for each level. Regardless of the level of partnership, SER helps its business partners progress to higher levels of partnership and meet certain requirements. Goals and a joint market approach are defined mutually.



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Types of Business Partners

Based on the business model and an agreed go-to-market approach, we differentia­te between the following types of business partners to help us respond to different needs and requirements and tailor our partner support.

  • Software Reseller (SWR)

    From qualified leads to independent selling of Doxis4 without additional project implementation and support.

  • Value Added Reseller (VAR)

    Covers all aspects of selling, implementation and support of Doxis4 for our joint customers. Doxis4 is also enhanced by industry and business solutions designed in-house.

  • Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

    Provides a shared solution on Doxis4 or implements a dedicated business solution via the cloud.

  • Global System Integrator (GSI)

    Delivers global roll-out and advises our enterprise customers across countries and continents. Our GSIs are market leaders and understand how to build high-end solutions on Doxis4.

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

    To define a joint OEM approach we differentiate between white labelling, light integration and full OEM. All levels demand strong commitment and a long-term view from both parties.

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