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SER Group a Gold Partner in four competencies – with 13 years of proven expertise

13 years of proven expertise

(June 26, 2020 - Bonn) Microsoft competence at the highest level – this is once again confirmed by Microsoft's recognition of the SER Group as a Microsoft Gold Partner for the 13th year in a row. This gives SER customers the security of receiving a solution that is deeply integrated into Microsoft products with Doxis4. Only 1% of all Microsoft partners worldwide achieve Gold status –- including SER.

Quadruple gold – SER received the coveted Gold status in four categories in the Microsoft Partner Program in recognition of its Microsoft expertise.

In addition to the gold distinction of previous years in the categories

  • Application Development
  • Application Integration
  • Datacenter

a fourth was added this year:

  • Data Analytics

This gold competence distinction certifies the company's expertise in the areas of Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics and Big Data.

"When intelligent analysis methods are applied to existing data, companies gain highly valuable insights that can be directly applied to decision-making processes and thus positively impact a company’s business. There are many different use cases here – from CRM data, contract content and risk management to the automated classification of emails and their assignment to the right business partner and process.

With intelligent cognitive services integrated into the core of Doxis4 software, SER customers can analyze and process data that is created and stored in Microsoft Office applications and thereby benefit from the comprehensive content analytics functions of the ECM platform,” explains Klaus Eulenbach, Managing Director of SER Software Technology GmbH.

Seamless integration into the Microsoft universe

Gold Partner status in the competencies of Application Development and Application Integration demonstrate that SER has excellent know-how in the integration of Doxis4 with Microsoft Office, Microsoft 365, Outlook and SharePoint.

This not only ensures continuous business processes, but also makes daily work easier for staff, as they do not have to constantly switch back and forth between multiple systems.

In the competency Datacenter, Microsoft recognizes the high scalability of Doxis4 solutions that are integrated with Microsoft products. The solutions are well suited to meet the needs of every scenario, from single departments to data centers of large corporations.

“Microsoft products represent important environments in the client and backend for operating and integrating Doxis4 solutions. That’s why it’s absolutely necessary that the technological know-how of Microsoft products is continuously extended. This is the only way we can offer our customers the highest possible long-term value in both on-premises and cloud product worlds,” continues Klaus Eulenbach.

Since 2007, SER has consistently attained the Microsoft Gold Partner status – thereby fulfilling the highest level of requirements related to the status. For Gold status, at least four employees must be a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). Furthermore, SER has the references to back it up: SER and Microsoft products work in perfect harmony in numerous successful customer installations.

Guaranteed: Doxis4 supports new and old Microsoft releases

Doxis4 is fully integrated in Microsoft Office, Outlook, SharePoint and Dynamics and is ready to run directly after their releases on new operating systems and database releases such as Windows and SQL servers. Additionally, SER customers can be assured that Doxis4 continues to support older Microsoft versions, which are still being used by many companies.

Smart collaboration of ECM and Microsoft solutions

Customers benefit from SER’s smart add-ins that provide numerous ECM functions in Microsoft products. This includes the Doxis4 SharePoint Portal Connector and Doxis4 SmartOffice, which, for example, handle document archiving and search directly from Microsoft SharePoint or from Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

With Doxis4 SmartOutlook, users are able to assign Outlook emails and their attachments to the right eFile and business process in Doxis4. SER’s backend products can also be deployed in the cloud.

Find out more about the possibilities of ECM integration in Microsoft here.

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