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The “Westfalen Way to Win”: success with energy and ECM

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As far back as the late 1990s, the Westfalen Group was faced with the issue of how it could shorten processing times for incoming invoices in accounts payable accounting. This was due to the fact that “document tourism” – sending documents by post to companies distributed across multiple locations – was causing long processing times and any discounts offered being lost. Consequently, the decision was taken to introduce a digital archive with a workflow for processing incoming invoices. The project was launched at the start of 1998 with the decision to select SER as the provider. By August 1998, the SER archive had already been placed in production. Today, the Westfalen Group puts its trust in Doxis4 from SER as its company-wide ECM platform. Over the past 15 years, the SER system has consistently been expanded, with the result that nearly all of Westfalen's departments and corporate divisions now work with Doxis4. More than 27 million documents are currently managed in the Doxis4 archive. Approximately 500 Westfalen employees use Doxis4 on a daily basis and the system has been deeply integrated into SAP. The personnel archive was implemented in a separate organisation of the Doxis4 archive for data protection reasons so that only employees from the Personnel department have access to it. Customers of the Westfalen Group are also able to benefit from the electronic archive. They can use the Westfalen Group's connected online customer portal to access customer data, documents and product information. Up to 100,000 visits by Westfalen customers demonstrate the success of this new customer service.

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