Doxis for Human Resources at a glance

Optimize document-centric HR processes with SER’s integration into SAP SuccessFactors and others: Centrally and securely store, manage, and create employee documents, automate workflows, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

End-to-end recruiting processes

Improve your recruiting processes with Doxis & SAP SuccessFactors integration. With Doxis, you manage and process everything digitally: Whether it's a question about an applicant for the hiring department or drafting the employment contract, you steer documents and the associated tasks to the right colleagues. Doxis streamlines HR management to benefit the HR team, the company and its employees.

The Doxis user experience

Customize your workspace

Work even more efficiently with customized dashboards and widgets according to your role, use case or focus topics

Get the big picture first

Get an overview of your work before diving into the details

Find what you need faster & more easily

Save on time with a modern UI that enables you to find what you need quickly and easily 

The Doxis user interface
The Doxis user interface

Doxis HR Management

With Doxis HR Management, you can maintain a complete overview of all employees and applicant information: Electronic HR files provide you secure access at any time and from anywhere. You can also manage documents and processes with automated workflows across departments and business units. Instead of wasting time on information searches or complex process management, Doxis enables you to spend your time on value-added tasks such as recruiting or employee development.


GDPR compliance in HR with Doxis

Data protection laws are proliferating. The EU GDPR and the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are only the beginning. Here we show you how Doxis’s capabilities are combined with cognitive services to ensure compliance with GDPR regulations in HR management.

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