„Thanks to Doxis4 and the integrated CAD Manager, we now have an overview of all relevant information for each project.”

Roland Gruijthuijsen, Application Services Project Manager at TGW Logistics Group GmbH
Logo TGW Logistics Group GmbH
Company TGW Logistics Group GmbH
Area of application Managing technical drawings with the CAD Manager and electronic project records
Industry Intralogistics
Employees 2,500 in 14 branch offices worldwide
Turnover 475m euros (2014/15)
Headquarters Wels, Austria
Integration AutoCAD
Project scope Worldwide
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Best Practice: TGW Logistics Group
Best Practice

TGW Logistics Group: "Living logistics" – SER helps the TGW Logistics Group transfer knowledge across the globe

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Brief Project Description

Starting point

When planning and implementing internal logistics solutions — from small conveyor technology solutions to complex logistics centers — most involve numerous employees, departments and branch offices of TGW. These groups all require access to technical drawings (CAD) that are worked on in various locations by several teams. The drawings are also needed for calculations or for control planning purposes. The challenge was to make these drawings available across the globe and to guarantee that each team is always working with the most current version. When Doxis4 was launched throughout the company,CAD drawings were also integrated into ECM.

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