Best Practice Duravit AG

Area of application ECM with archive, DMS and electronic records, plus server-based email archiving
Industry Sanitary
Employees Approx. 5,800
Turnover Over € 432m (2015)
Headquarters Hornberg, Germany
Integration Infor ERP, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Office
Project scope Worldwide

Right from the start, we were convinced of SER as a German ECM vendor with a sustainable ECM platform and sound expertise in Central European legal requirements.

Werner Höltl, IT Application Manager (Finance) at Duravit AG


  • The old archive had reached its limits
  • Extensive communication in specific areas
  • Insufficient authorization structures
  • Fulfill regulatory requirements for documents critical to business


  • Sustainable electronic archive
  • Cross- location, secure access to all business documents of a customer/supplier
  • Detailed authorization assignment for transparency and security
  • Audit-proof eArchiving of revenuerelevant documents (also emails)


  • Doxis4 archive, e.g. for orders, invoices
  • Electronic customer and supplier records with automatic data transfer from the ERP system
  • eRecords with comprehensive authorization concepts
  • Server-based and audit-proof email archiving

Project overview

Starting point

As one of the most dynamic corporate groups of the sanitary industry, Duravit produces sanitary
ceramics, bath furniture, bathtubs, wellness products and accessories for the international market.
Due to its expansion and the significant increase in document volume, the archive system in use had
reached its limits. That's why Duravit decided in 2011 to look for a more modern and sustainable
alternative. In light of SER's extensive expertise in ECM, Duravit chose to go with Doxis4. Since then,
Doxis4 along with other eRecord solutions and server-based archiving were set up throughout the
international company.

Reasons for SER

  • German ECM vendor with over 30 years experience; develops its own software solutions
    "Made in Germany”
  • Strong know-how in legal and European ECM requirements
  • Unicode- capable Doxis4 for international, cross- location deployment


Doxis4 iECM suite with an archive, DMS, workflows, eRecords, email manager, SmartOffice and

Document volume

  • Currently approx. 25m documents in the archive; 1-2m new documents per year
  • Daily over 5k documents transferred from the ERP system to Doxis4)


Approx. 700 Doxis4 users


  • 2011: Start: Replaced the old archive with Doxis4 iECM suite incl. archive and DMS
  • 2012: Migrated 20m documents to Doxis4
  • 2012: Introduced electronic customer records connected to the ERP system (interface from Infor to Doxis4), SmartOffice and SmartNotes
  • 2013: Doxis4 scan function and archive connected to available Lotus Notes workflow to automate
    inbound invoice processing
  • 2014: Launched server-based email archiving
  • 2015: Launched electronic supplier records
  • 2016: Implement further record solutions with Doxis4 (quality and product management records)


  • Transparent, cross- location view and access to relevant business documents in Doxis4
  • Simplified and faster communication between departments thanks to bundled customer/supplier
    information in electronic records; therefore also improving accountability e.g. in sales
  • Audit-proof long- term archiving of revenue- relevant documents

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