Best Practice Neways Electronics Riesa GmbH & Co. KG

Area of application Workflow-based management of production documents with eRecords
Industry Electronic manufacturing services (EMS)
Employees Approx. 750
Turnover 127 million euros (2015)
Headquarters Riesa, Saxony, Germany
Integration Tool for change management
Project scope Germany

The process visualization allows for
more transparent document control.
The system guarantees efficient and
process-secure document

Falk Decker, head of data processing, Neways Electronics


  • Production documents still on paper, taking up considerable space in filing cabinets
  • New/modified production documents need to be published quickly
  • Quality deviations due to copies
  • Mistakes in manual document distribution


  • Create more transparency through system-guided document management and control
  • Make it easier to search for documents
  • Set up authorization management
  • Manage production and customer documents
  • Create version management
  • Integrate change management


  • Electronic production record
  • Workflow-based creation and management of production documents
  • Integrated solution consisting of Doxis4 and change management tool (MS, SQL database)

Project overview

Starting point

Neways Electronics Riesa GmbH & Co. KG, Germany has made a name for itself in the production of electronic components. The EMS firm produces according to customer specifications and adjusts the
production process to the changing requirements of the customer. These changes have to be integrated
into the production documents as quickly as possible and passed on to the employees in production.
Without IT support, the modified documents had to be hand sorted into the corresponding production
record and placed in the filing cabinet. By copying the building instructions, the quality diminished, thus
making it harder for workers in production to understand them. They had to ask questions during
production planning.With Doxis4, the electronic production record is filled with all documents relevant to production according to theworkflowand then released for production.


  • Great support from SER
  • International team at SER and multilingual Doxis4 software
  • Customer-centric advice
  • Modern user interface and top usability with Doxis4
  • Comprehensive parameter possibilities, e.g. for authorizations, workflows, etc.


Doxis4, archive, DMS, BPM, eRecords


Change management tool (MS, SQL database)

Document volume

Database since launch in late 2015: ca. 5 GB in ca. 3,500 files in about 320 eRecords.
Growth p.a. 800 eRecords (old archive paper records, approx. 3,000, still to be digitized)


Approx. 100


Deployment area: Creating documents via technical production planning TAV, inspecting and releasing via QS + TAV, publication of documents in production

Implementation: Launching a test server to assess the handling and procedures; integrating empirical values to achieve identified potential; launching a real server; ongoing gradual employee training; software installation in technical production planning and production


  • Always the most current document status in production
  • Faster set-up times per production order
  • Considerably shorter document distribution times
  • Better process security
  • Easier to manage a digital record than a stack of files
  • Feasible to further develop documents in more detailed way with version archiving

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