Opracowanie: Executive Summary: Total Economic Impact™ study

What's the ROI of Doxis Intelligent Content Automation?

Total Economic Impact™ study – key facts at a glance

According to Forrester, investing in ECM modernization is increasingly important if you want to fulfill dynamic customer demands and achieve your strategic goals. Yet many executives wonder if the investment is really worth it. We commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ study on behalf of SER to analyze the benefits of the Doxis platform on businesses. The results speak for themselves: Long-time customer SEW-EURODRIVE achieved a 336% ROI over a three-year period and a payback in less than six months. We have summarized the study results for you.

You’ll learn how SEW-EURODRIVE:

  • Achieved a net-present value benefit of more than 17 million euros
  • Saved up to 70% in time in the first year and 90% in the second and third years
  • Achieved more than €1 million in cost savings due to elimination of legacy systems, hardware, and maintenance costs
  • Increased productivity by utilizing AI and saved over €1 million