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Doxis News: Accelerate your business with Doxis Fast Starters & more

In spring 2023, we offer our customers many Intelligent Content Automation highlights, such as the Doxis Fast Starters and Doxi, your new Doxis Intelligent Content Assistant. Read on to learn what this is all about and what awaits you in Doxis 23.1.

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Bärbel Heuser-Roth

 Customer Stories & Use Cases

Confectioner AUGUST STORCK KG boosts resilience through process-automation

Digitalization solutions must always be agile and adaptable to ensure smooth running for years to come. This is just one reason why AUGUST STORCK KG automated its purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes with Doxis and SAP.

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Marc Volquardsen

 Customer Stories & Use Cases

How manufacturers are tackling these 5 challenges with digital transformation

The manufacturing sector has taken some hard hits in recent years – in the form of supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, tightening regulations and more. To increase their resiliency, many are leveling up their digital transformation efforts. Find out more in our blog article.

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 Customer Stories & Use Cases

The Supply Chain Act - How companies can meet their due diligence requirements

It's not only German companies that are affected by the new Supply Chain Act. This is the first one, and further EU directives will follow. What does the Supply Chain Act say, who does it apply to, and what measures are necessary?

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