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Temat Automated inbound invoice processing with SAP integration and invoice audit workflow
Branża Direct sales of ice cream and frozen food specialties
Współpracownik 10.754
Obroty 1.216 Mio. € (2014/2015)
Siedziba przedsiębiorstwa Straelen
Intergracja SAP
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Our goal was to shorten the invoice processing time and to have a more efficient and audit-proof structure. We achieved this thanks to SER. A real win for the company and, most of all, for the employees.

Gundolf Hallmann, Area Manager of Finance and Accounting, bofrost* Dienstleistungs GmbH & Co. KG


  • Invoices went through many departments; highly inefficient
  • Hard copies of supplier invoices manually checked; very costly
  • Approval process (signature check and upholding separation of duties) audited manually
  • High amount of paper, duplicates and room needed for paper archive


  • Reduce the overall effort involved in invoice processing
  • Cut down on the amount of paper and the space needed for archives
  • Process inbound invoices in audit-proof way
  • Set up automated audit routines
  • Avoid losing documents
  • Increase data quality through uniform standard


  • Automated processing of supplier invoices with SAP integration
  • Workflow-steered approval process for audit-proof invoices (separation of duties)
  • Automated processor determination for invoice auditing
  • Payment regulation list
  • Automatic capture of email invoices

Na temat projektu

Starting point

At bofrost*, the European market leader in the direct sales of ice cream and frozen food specialties, inbound invoices were processed on paper for many years. The high percentage of manual tasks, including capturing invoice data in SAP, cost them a great deal of time. bofrost* decided in favor of automated invoice management with Doxis4 and a deep SAP integration, thereby implementing high quality in invoice processing. 


  • Deep SAP integration and intuitive handling of Doxis4 solutions
  • All from one source
  • Above all, reliable and highly competent


Inbound invoice processing, made up of Doxis4 Capture, Inbound Center, Inbound Center Email Importer, InvoiceMaster Read, InvoiceMaster Control (S) for SAP.



Document volume

Approx. 100,000 inbound invoices per year


6 scan clients; 10 validation positions; about 500 users take part in the invoice auditing process


Project start: 03/2011, roll-out: 08/2011

  • To start the project, a test environment was set up for digitizing paper invoices, processing creditor invoices that arrived per email, and sending them through the invoice process for auditing and approval in the SAP workflow
  • Roll-out of the first five accounting areas as the pilot in Germany
  • Successively adding all other accounting areas in Germany
  • Connecting the country headquarters in France and Benelux. Roll-out in Spain, Austria and Switzerland still pending


  • Invoices no longer take long and winding paths through the company
  • Handling inquiries from invoice auditing and suppliers more quickly
  • Cash discounts attained through fast processing

Solution highlight: Payment regulation list to complete invoice auditing workflow