Best Practice Stadtwerke Frankenthal GmbH

Temat Launch of customer and household connection records
Branża Energy supplier
Współpracownik 200
Obroty €96 million (2015)
Siedziba przedsiębiorstwa Frankenthal, Germany
Intergracja Schleupen ERP for energy suppliers, Microsoft Office/Outlook
Okoliczności projektu Germany

The digitalization of internal and customer-centric processes, supported by SER, is an important component of the overall digitalization strategy of our public utilities company

Horst Schröder Customer Service Stadtwerke Frankenthal GmbH


  • The legacy archive no longer met the performance and usability requirements and did not offer any extensive DMS/ECM functions
  • Digitizing old household connection records
  • Launching a central document archive for current household connection documents


  • Improve document access
  • Quickly provide customers with information
  • Launch a company-wide and audit-proof ECM solution


  • Electronic customer records to support the customer service center
  • Electronic records for household connections to centrally manage these documents
  • Invoice verification workflow and order workflow (2017)
  • Workflow-supported processing of inbound/outbound mail (2017)
  • Electronic contract records (2017)

Na temat projektu

Starting Point

The electronic archive of the Frankenthal public utilities company had become outdated. It no longer
met the performance and usability requirements and did not offer any DMS/ECM functions. For these
reasons, the energy supplier sought a company-wide ECM solution to replace the legacy archive. It
needed a solution with ECM functions (BPM and eRecords) that could communicate with the ERP
system via interfaces. It was particularly important for the company to get a high- performing
workflow functionality for inbound/outbound mail processing, to support customer service with
eRecords, and to manage approximately 30k household connections.


  • The tender process, limited to eight competitors, was conducted according to set criteria and led
    to a clear decision in favor of SER
  • Doxis4 is an end- to- end solution with an open architecture and the option to successively extend
    the solution with other functional modules, if needed


Doxis4 archive, DMS, eRecords, BPM, email archive (MS Outlook)


Schleupen ERP for energy suppliers, Microsoft Office/Outlook

Document volume

Approximately 1.4 million customer documents were migrated from the legacy system to Doxis4


Currently 26 employees in customer service; company- wide deployment in 2017


  • Spring to autumn 2015: Legacy data migration to Doxis4
  • September 2015: Legacy archive replaced by Doxis4
  • 2015: Customer records launched (business partner records)
  • 2016/2017: Household connection records launched and paper filing replaced (ca. 15m old 3
    records, up to seven binders per household connection across various locations)
  • 2017: Order and invoice verification workflow with ERP integration, workflow-supported
    inbound/outbound mail processing, contract management


  • The ability to quickly provide customers with information
  • All documents pertaining to one household connection now in one eRecord instead of in many
    record binders
  • Easy to manage and easy to learn how to use
  • Faster access to all customer- related data and documents via Doxis4

Conclusion: In customer service, Doxis4 serves as a customer information system: it combines and
displays all relevant information in one customer record. The employees have changed the way they
work and search now in both ERP and Doxis4. They also appreciate the high performance of Doxis4,
including functions such as the document preview. Consequently, within a short period of time, there
was a high level of acceptance for the new system.