Best Practice Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Gmünd GmbH (Kopie)

Temat Digital case processing with eRecords
Branża Banken
Współpracownik 171 (2015)
Obroty €68.9 million (2015)
Siedziba przedsiębiorstwa Schwäbisch Gmünd
Intergracja SAP
Okoliczności projektu Germany

Doxis4 is our basis for successively digitizing and consistently documenting our business processes.

Thomas Lange, IT coodinator of Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Gmünd GmbH


  • Processes needed to adapt to regulatory changes and new market requirements
  • Document sharing was difficult to manage due to organizational agreements and file server structures, especially in cross-department processes
  • Large volumes of information only on paper: no cross-department access; duplicates for employees from other departments


  • Enable centralized filing and access to all case documents
  • Provide deadline and date monitoring in certain cases
  • Optimize process workflows
  • Avoid media disruptions: less manual data transferal
  • Implement paper-free case processing with purely digital documents (CI) and paper documents (NCI)


  • Modern electronic ECM system for managing eRecords in departments
  • Centralized system that can by used be all departments of Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Gmünd
  • Workflow management to represent business processes
  • Electronic contract management

Na temat projektu

Starting point

The leaders of Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Gemünd gave their departments the strategic goal of creating a paper- free future and thereby digitizing processes and documents. Special emphasis was placed on document- centric processes that involve multiple departments. The documents in these processes were originally compiled and exchanged according to organizational agreements and the file server structure. In daily work, however, this proved difficult to implement — especially when it came to cross- departmental processes. Furthermore, a lot of information was still only on paper. This made documents hard to access. Many duplicates were circulating among employees from various departments and areas to give them quick information access. For these reasons, the company wanted to launch ECM to create a modern electronic system with an audit-proof archive to manage departmental eRecords and workflows that represent processes — all to support daily work and optimize procedures.


  • The holistic, modular and successively extendible solution Doxis4; positive references from the
    utility sector and from other public utilities
  • For many years now, SER has been a successful, established German vendor and direct provider;
    the motivation and commitment of the involved project members; the local support


Archive, DMS, workflow, contract management, eRecords (mains supply record, contract record, fleet
record, applicant record)



Document volume

2.067 eRecords and 70.312 documents


In the final stage, approx. 110 users (i.e. all of administration)


  • January 2016: Launch of ECM with scanning solution for accounting
  • April 2016: Electronic contract management, order document archiving
  • June/July 2016: Introduction of eRecords (mains supply records, applicant records, fleet records)
  • Next steps: Archiving outbound invoices, incl. migrating documents from the legacy archive;
    personnel records in individual tenants, integrated with SAP


  • Standardized platform to create individual solutions
  • Possibility of successively integrating processes and data
  • Increased transparency and standardization, especially of regulated processes
  • Centralized data pool