Livre blanc: Les arguments en faveur d’un processus d’achat au paiement intelligent et automatisé

Comment optimiser les flux de trésorerie et l’efficacité de la chaîne d’approvisionnement

The case for a smart, automated purchase-to-pay process

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Smarter, automated purchase-to-pay processes

Procurement, production and finance managers face a challenging market right now, and yet they must still fulfill dynamic customer needs effectively and efficiently. This timely paper explores how optimized, joined-up and automated digital processes, and a 360° view of information throughout the purchase-to-pay (P2P) process, can help organizations make smarter use of their budgets, optimize supply chains, and stay competitive.

This insightful white paper will tell you:

  • What you should aim for in your purchase-to-pay transformation
  • What the concrete ROI of purchase-to-pay automation is based on case studies
  • What to look for in a P2P solution suite
  • How AI-powered, contextualized content automation can provide a 360° view of information across the P2P process