Best Practice Bernard Krone Holding SE & Co. KG

Sujet From automated invoice verification to confidential contract access
Secteur Commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery
Employés 3,097 worldwide (FY 2014/2015)
Chiffre d'affaire Approx. 1.6 billion euros (FY 2014/2015)
Siège de l'entreprise Spelle, Emsland in Lower Saxony, Germany
Intégration SAP, COS, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, MS Exchange
Portée du projet Europe

Our interconnected eRecords act as central access points to documents from a range of sources, including SAP documents, emails, MS Office, etc. and help us to make ongoing improvements in many areas, such as customer service.

Dr. Goy- Hinrich Korn, Authorized Representative and CIO of the Krone Group


  • All documents were scattered across the entire system landscape
  • Only the respective departments knew where documents were stored
  • Knowledge and information was lost in the course of staff changes
  • Manual processing of inbound invoices was too time- consuming


  • Implement uniform document platform for employees, customers, dealers, etc.
  • Simplify processes and improve transparency, e.g. automated verification of incoming goods
  • Process inbound invoices transparently and without delay
  • Enhance SAP system performance
  • Introduce eRecords for greater transparency


  • Integrate ECM system into the existing IT landscape
  • Automate inbound invoice processing
  • Verify invoices via an SAP workflow and web-based workflow
  • Electronic records management
  • SAP data archiving
  • Audit-proof long- term archiving

Fiche signalétique du projet

Starting Point

All documents at the Krone Group were scattered across the entire system landscape. Only the individual departments knew where the information was located. The result: valuable knowledge and
information was being lost. Krone opted for an ECM system to fulfill its vision of establishing a uniform, transparent document management system across the Group with a common platform shared by internal and external employees, customers, and dealers alike. The company wanted document- centric business processes to be modeled digitally and supported with electronic records. It also wanted automated inbound invoice processing for the accounts payable department.


  • SER is an experienced provider of solutions for the entire inbound invoice processing workflow,
    from data capture through to confidential contract access in connection with invoice verification
  • All solutions from a single source, made in Germany
  • Investment security: SER is a reputable company with a successful 30-year history


Automated inbound invoice processing with SAP integration, workflow-based invoice verification (web and SAP), eRecords (customer records, order records, supplier records, contract records, machinery/vehicle records, personnel records), and SAP data archiving


ERP systems (SAP, COS), Microsoft Exchange, Estos telephony software

Document volume

Scope of legacy data migration: 2.6 million records; total number of documents currently stored in the DMS: 14.6 million; 2.5 to 3 million documents added every year


Currently 500 users, to be extended to include all Krone Group employees


  • Replace the AS/400 legacy archive and import all archive data as PDF files (2012)
  • Introduce automated inbound invoice processing with SAP integration
  • Introduce eRecords: e.g. vehicle records, machinery records, customer and supplier records
  • Introduce electronic contract management with contract records
  • Next steps: Roll out automated inbound invoice processing in the Krone Group's foreign
  • Roll out personnel records across Germany
  • Continue preparations for adding further eRecords and process support using Doxis4 BPM


  • Automated invoice processing: Transparent processes, substitution- rule function, cash discount periods met, greater planning certainty thanks to an overview of all unpaid invoices, improved availability of information
  • Electronic records: Thanks to interconnected records, all information relating to a particular application can be accessed from a single point and is available in one system
  • Customer service: The customer record is retrieved automatically using the caller's phone number