Best Practice STEAG Fernwärme GmbH

Sujet Workflow-supported processes for managing district-heating connections
Secteur Heat supply, district heating
Employés 178 (12/2015)
Chiffre d'affaire €110.1 million (2015)
Siège de l'entreprise Essen (Germany)
Intégration Microsoft Office
Portée du projet Germany

With Doxis4 BPM, processes are easy to model and therefore very well supported. What more could we ask for!

Günter Schlegel, System Administrator of Doxis4, STEAG Fernwärme GmbH


  • Many employees work on a common project, e.g., connecting a customer to a district-heating pipeline
  • Coordinating collaborative work; teams require access to customer data such as contracts, drawings, site plans, etc.
  • Migrating approx. 330k documents from the legacy archive to the new system


  • More efficiently structure the workflows of household connection records
  • Manage core processes via workflows
  • Support the project teams by supplying them with necessary information
  • Ensure that processes and documents from the legacy system can be found in the new system


  • Doxis4 BPM to manage core processes
  • Electronic archive to store all documents pertaining to the household connections of customers
  • Microsoft Office integration: document templates to create standardized forms are stored in the processes

Fiche signalétique du projet

Starting point

Daily work at STEAG Fernwärme GmbH involves many employees working together on a common project, e.g., on connecting a customer to the district-heating pipeline. This means that all project team members need access at all times to customer data, such as contracts, drawings, site plans, designs, pipelines, civil engineering plans, revegetation plans, etc. SER has been helping STEAG since 1999 to manage these core processes using workflows, which have been continuously developed over the years. The new product generation, Doxis4, makes it possible for STEAG to depict not only highly structured processes, but also flexible and adaptive workflows. Doxis4 also provides STEAG with further ECM modules, ranging from an electronic archive and DMS to electronic records.


With Doxis4, SER offers an integrated, service- oriented ECM solution that joins together modules for DMS, archive, and more with BPM functions on one platform. Doxis4 is able to map highly structured and ad hoc workflows, in addition to hybrid processes.


Doxis4 archive, DMS, BPM; document templates for forms are stored in the process


Microsoft Office

Document volume

Migration of 330k documents from the legacy archive (approx. 6,500 old customer records with 10 to 100 documents per record). Annual growth: approx. 3,500 documents


81 named users


  • SER workflow customer since 1999
  • 2005: Switch to the SER workflow generation Doxis
  • 2014: Launch of the Doxis4 archive and migration of documents and processes from the legacy
    archive; today, all documents can be found in Doxis4
  • 2015: Modeling of successful existing workflows in Doxis4 BPM
  • Deployment areas for future ad hoc processes: e.g., if damage occurs to a pipeline during the
    construction period, the leak needs to be fixed quickly. In a predefined repair process, additional
    tasks can be added based on the situation and needs.


  • The main processes of new connections and construction are fully documented and supported,
    which causes shorter lead times. Each process step is traceable at all times.
  • All information related to each task is constantly accessible. This facilitates interconnected work
    without losing time.
  • Highlight: Flexibility in process design; the employees use standardized processes that can be
    easily adjusted to the design.