Vidéo produit: End-to-end recruiting processes with Doxis

Smart and convenient recruiting with integrations to leading enterprise applications

Faster & more effective recruiting with Doxis

Recruiting processes involve several steps and software applications, from SAP to eSignature and contract apps. Doxis unifies information into a single source of truth and ensures seamless integrations at every step of the process. Based on a customer use case, we show how Doxis integrates with SAP SuccessFactors and enables the recruiter to quickly and directly manage every step, and the many associated documents, of the recruiting process. The result: Less time wasted on admin tasks and more time to focus on attracting and gaining new talent.

Disclaimer: Some functionalities shown in the video are based on customizing. Please contact us directly if you would like to explore their availability for your organization.

What this video will show you:

  • How Doxis enables faster & more effective end-to-end recruiting processes
  • How Doxis integrates with with SAP SuccessFactors and Microsoft Teams for seamless processes
  • How integrations with Invaris and DocuSign support contract creation and closing
  • How applicant eFiles are automatically turned into employee eFiles to initiate the onboarding process