Best Practice DEVK insurance policies

Sujet Case- oriented insurance management, from insurance applications to claims settlements
Secteur Insurance
Employés Approx. 6,000
Chiffre d'affaire Around 3 billion euros (2016)
Siège de l'entreprise Cologne, Germany
Intégration SAP, MS Office/Outlook, PARIS (in-house system)
Portée du projet Germany

The number one strategic target of DEVK is customer satisfaction. We can only achieve this if we are fast and able
to provide information on demand.

Markus Schiffer, Project Manager, Department of Project and Portfolio Management, DEVK


  • Decentralized and diverse inbound channels (mail, email, fax, online portal)
  • Slow and primarily paper-based case processing with late scanning
  • Lacked a solution for distributing tasks and managing processes
  • DMS and archive were at their limits


  • Discontinue the legacy system
  • Launch end- to- end digital case processing and process management
  • Ensure fair employee capacity utilization through automated and cross- location case assignment
  • Find a future- oriented, extendible software solution


  • Archive, DMS and workflowsupported case processing
  • Electronic workbaskets
  • Digital records for claims, policy holders, contracts, debt collection and mopeds
  • Integration of SAP Business Workplace and SAP FI/CO

Fiche signalétique du projet

Starting point

The number one strategic target of DEVK is customer satisfaction. This can only be achieved through
fast processes, low resource utilization and high service quality. Instead of complex paper-based case
work, DEVK decided to launch end- to-end digital case processing. Doxis4 is now implemented
throughout all business divisions. With automated inbound mail processing, Doxis4 eRecords and
workflow support, DEVK is able to successfully implement digital case- oriented insurance management.
The capacities of regional locations are optimally tapped and the processing times are
minimized: The policy holders get the best possible service.


  • SER's precise analysis of requirements and goals of DEVK
  • Close partnership focused on the requirements throughout all project phases
  • Future- oriented ECM software


  • Automated inbound mail processing
  • Workflow-supported digital case processing
  • Electronic records for claims, policy holders, contracts, mopeds and debt collection


SAP Business Workplace, SAP CM & SAP FI/CO, PARIS (in-house system), MS Office/Outlook,
GDV interface, DOM/Dope (correspondence system), further host insurance division systems

Document volume

Approx. 400 million documents, 432 document types, 62 million records


2,700 in-house staff, 3,000 sales force, 35,000 for the web portal "MeineDEVK"


  • Project start 2011: Introduction of case- oriented processing for the Claims/Legal Protection
    divisions with automated inbound mail processing
  • 2012-2013: Launch of electronic claims records for the Claims division with integrated SAP Claims Management; legacy archive migration: ca. 250 million documents/3,000 users
  • 2013: Introduction of digital records for contracts, debt collection, mopeds and policy holders;
    workflow connection to Property, Liability, Accident and Car, Debt Collection, Legal Protection,
    Life, and other divisions
  • 2014-2016: Connection to legal and tax department, sales; integration of SAP FI/CO in purchasing
  • By 2018: Completion of division roll- out; introduction of personnel records in HR and eRecords for the Monega division to archive telephone consultations (telephone recordings according to MiFID II)


  • Direct, location-independent searches for previous claims, open cases, insurance policy contracts, etc.
  • Improved service for DEVK policy holders thanks to employees' ability to immediately provide
  • Transparent, fast and cost-effective processes support daily claims settlements