Brochure: Doxis4 Human Resource Management

HR management with ECM

Doxis4 Human Resources

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Find information faster & securely protect data

With Doxis4 HR Management, you can maintain a complete overview of all employees and applicant information: Electronic HR files provide you secure access at any time and from anywhere. You can also manage documents and processes with automated workflows across departments and business units. Instead of wasting time on information searches or complex process management, Doxis4 enables you to spend your time on value-added tasks such as recruiting or employee development.

In this brochure, you'll learn

  • Why Doxis4 for human resources is more than just an electronic HR file
  • Use cases for electronically managing HR documents and workflows
  • 12 reasons why Doxis4 HR Management benefits your department
  • How Doxis4 enhances productivity enterprise-wide