ECM, supercharged with
artificial intelligence

Empower your employees daily work, improve document understanding and supercharge business processes with Doxis Intelligent Content Automation's next-generation features.

Faster, better and stronger work with AI

Increased efficiency

Automated processes and intelligent assistance for users empower employees to work smarter, and harder – achieving more with the same resources.

One AI for all your systems

Seamless integration of cutting-edge AI capabilities, transforming solutions and processes. Unearth valuable content effortlessly, no matter where it's stored. 

Make better decisions

Increased transparency and intelligent insights from AI ensure you can make the most of your data, optimize your business and minimize risks.

AI is here to help

Work Intelligently with AI

Empower your workforce with AI for enhanced productivity, streamlined workspaces, and a trusty assistant at your side.

Intelligent Content Assistant

The right information, at the right time, whatever app you're working with. Work smarter with Intelligent Content Assistant.

Intelligent Document Processing

Supercharge and simplify your processes with the helping hand of AI – empowering employees through automation and improving document-driven processes end-to-end.

AI Powered Business Processes

Experience unparalleled efficiency across your workforce through the automation of workflows and cross-system processes, powered by AI.

AI assistance for
citizen developers

No-code apps result in fast time to value, lower costs and reduced IT bottlenecks through AI-assisted configuration.

Hi! I'm Doxi - your Intelligent Content Assistant

Think of me as your speedy assistant that you can always go to with questions. I can help you with manual tasks that take up time such as adding metadata, so you can focus on the things you should be prioritizing.

Want to learn more about me?  

AI is there for your people


Want to produce more results, with the same resources? The demands on the pace of our work and the quick results that should follow are increasing, but as humans our capacity to deal with this work does not. Doxis AI is empowering workers through the automation of routine tasks, so that people can focus on the creative, interesting work that fulfils them and generates value for your company.


Work intelligently, creatively, productively – all whilst keeping connected with the information and people in your company. Doxis AI is there and can provide workers with anything from supplementary content, to the task at hand, to creating instant workflows.  

We are processing much more than we used to with the same amount of people. We can do more without hiring people and follow up many more quotations.

Manual tasks? Transformed with AI

Instant data extraction with one click

How long does it take to index documents for search later down the line? AI can do all this in just one click:

  • Instantly analyze content – no training required
  • Extract the correct terms and summarize the content
  • Assign metadata to documents immediately to improve search
  • Enables employees to quickly validate information




Streamlined processes, ensured compliance

Gain competitive advantage through agile, automated and accurate Purchase-to-Pay processes.

  • Instant responses to market changes, bottlenecks and deviations
  • High customer satisfaction through reliable and punctual delivery
  • 60-80% cost reduction in in invoice processing


Painting an immediate picture of data

Easily understand documents and improve organizational understanding and efficiency.  

  • Ask, and Doxis answers – get all the information you need from your documents instantly
  • Document summaries in seconds
  • Automatically generated Q&A
  • Improved decision-making 

Fast, flexible, for everyone

Business studio brings you user friendly no-code content apps powered by AI that bring faster time to value, low costs and reduced bottlenecks.

  • Digital transformation in weeks – driven by business experts
  • Intuitive UX and AI-assisted configuration
  • Fast work with a growing library of Fast Starters
  • Natural language-based prompt Fast Starters for custom metadata extraction

Unlock your organizations potential with AI

Transform processes through automation

Streamline your operations by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge ML methods into document management and processes. Experience a surge in your workflow efficiency and elevate the quality of your outcomes.

Empower users with AI support

Unleash the potential of Doxis AI to effortlessly classify documents, generate dynamic metadata and empower the search experience. Free your employees from mundane tasks so they can focus on what truly matters.

Informed decision-making, simplified

Elevate decision-making with Doxis. Our intelligent assistance functions guide users through tasks, suggest similar documents, expert help and optimal workflow steps. Stay two steps ahead.

Delight customers and partners, every time

Accelerate and enhance business processes with Doxis AI. Ensure your products and services reach customers swiftly and are of high quality – so they keep coming back for more.

Unleash information potential, mitigate risks

Don’t just store unstructured data – unlock it’s hidden value. With our machine learning technologies you can unearth patterns, discover relevant content and extract crucial metadata to shine light on potential risks, and stop them in their tracks.

Revolutionize operations with Auto ML

Doxis takes you one step further by empowering users to swiftly train, fine-tune and deploy advanced AI models without the need for in-depth expertise. Stay innovative with Doxis.  

I think you might be interested in this report…

Discover how our customer SEW-Eurodrive achieved:

  • 336% ROI
  • 90%-time savings
  • Improved insights
  • Streamlined collaboration

Using AI-powered Doxis Intelligent Content Automation.

Intelligent to the core

Doxis stands as a pioneer among content services platforms with AI at the very core of its foundations. AI elevates all applications within the Doxis ecosystem – giving them newfound levels of intelligence.

These services combine the latest AI advancements with proven technologies for precise classification, content extraction, text-mining in unstructured documents and in-depth text analysis.

Embrace efficiency with Doxis AutoML, where data scientists operate at peak productivity and companies reap the rewards of AI without the need for in-house experts. Built upon the cumulative wisdom of four generations of machine learning in document management, enterprise content management and business process management, Doxis AI redefines what’s possible.

Interested in learning more?

Discover how Doxis AI can elevate your business processes through automation of document management, business processes and enhancing the user experience. 

 Schedule your personal live demo of Doxis or arrange for us to visit your company to show you its full potential. We look forward to hearing from you!

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