ECM for the
manufacturing sector

Industry 5.0  is here - are you digitally ready?

By bringing together people, machines, systems and information, Doxis helps you to build a bridge between your supply chain, production and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) systems.


Digital transformation for the manufacturing sector

Doxis Intelligent Content Automation enhances efficiency across your production processes. Your team can rely on having an up-to-date basis of information when they need it - from the first customer inquiry to project management, development, production and delivery.


Streamlined processes

Accelerate workflows end-to-end throughout the production process with faster access to necessary documents and with greater transparency.

Faster time-to-value

Accelerate your supply chain through efficient supplier management with frequent audits for faster and more reliable procurement processes.

Guaranteed compliance

Create quality-assured uniform processes for contract execution, production and service and minimize your liability risks and potential harm to your brand.

Doxis in manufacturing

Want to streamline procurement processes, supply chain operations and daily work? From analyzing and processing your information to ensure it’s available, accessible and error-free and automating your tasks so you can work on the important things – Doxis is here to help.

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What matters to manufacturing leaders today

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Solutions for key manufacturing sectors


The automotive sector is one of the most profitable manufacturing sectors. According to Prognos AG, the sector is projected to grow by an additional 3% by 2030. To withstand competitive pressure and increase resilience, digital transformation is a key strategic factor. Intelligent information management plays a crucial role in this.

Eissmann Group Automotive, SEW-Eurodrive and FEV Europe are long-standing customers and global leaders who rely on Doxis to overcome these challenges.


Whether it's managing CAD drawings, optimizing quality management or connecting a smart factory with the supply chain: The engineering sector is confronted with some big hurdles — that also represent immense opportunities.

Doxis Intelligent Content Automation closes the gaps between your IoT system and administrative processes, such as those in procurement. Learn more how industrial leaders Bernhard Krone Holding and Hansa-Flex have digitally transformed business.


Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Doxis Intelligent Content Automation is the solution to the rising challenges facing the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. After all, only excellent quality management, seamless documentation and a reliable purchase-to-pay process can withstand the pressure to innovate and enhance data-based decision-making.

With Doxis, you are able to streamline compliance, efficiently utilize resources and lower administrative costs.


Errors in the procurement process, delayed transmission of customer inquiries and missing change requests all lead to production delays or bottlenecks. This translates into lost money. With an ECM solution like Doxis Intelligent Content Automation, it’s possible to optimize and accelerate administrative processes. Connect your Internet of Things systems with your ERP applications and thereby ensure compliance with regulations.

Read how Dürr Dental manages compliance requirements with ease and Neways Electronics has created workflows to transmit customer orders to production.

Doxis Intelligent Purchase-to-Pay Automation

Transparency, flexibility and scalability in purchase-to-pay processes can positively impact the profitability of manufacturing firms. To this end, the Doxis Intelligent Purchase-to-Pay Automation Suite optimizes, speeds up and automates processes from end-to-end.

It's an investment that pays off. Here's why:

  • Up to 10% lower costs per year in procurement
  • 60-80% lower costs in invoice processing
  • Up to 70% time saved in invoice processing
  • Fewer delivery delays thanks to modern supplier management
  • Improved compliance

Discover Doxis Intelligent Purchase-to-Pay Automation

Our business processes are much faster and more efficient thanks to the
electronic contract, customer and supplier files and the fact that the
Doxis solution is fully integrated into SAP.

Ulrich Peekhaus, Head of IT, KNIPEX-Werk C. Gustav Putsch KG

How industry leaders are succeeding with Doxis

Bernard Krone Holding: Information for employees and customers

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Eissmann Group Automotive: A digital mindset with ECM

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One platform, countless possibilities

Mobile access

From a mobile device on the production site to the computer on your office desk: Access the documents you need relating to your project, product, process and more from anywhere and expedite decision-making.

Faster contract execution

A process-related view and automated workflows enable end-to-end collaboration, allow you to provide information immediately and enhance productivity.

Structured overview

With direct access to all required information, you can make sound decisions fast — and cut development and production costs through better coordination and approval processes.

Transparent project management

Improve internal project organization across plants and collaborate better with customers and suppliers on the basis of standardized workflows and transparent project management.

Fulfill documentation requirements

Archive all product-related documents and process steps, including the entire change history, and ensure the audit-proof, seamless documentation of your products.

Global compliance

Comply with standards and regulations applicable to information security, data protection and storage, as well as information sharing and archiving.

More about ECM for manufacturing firms

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A fully digitized purchase-to-pay process, automated supplier management or a modern technical documentation process:

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