Electronic HR files with Doxis

Manage more than a thousand employees, storing all documents correctly, and remaining compliant: Doxis connects all your HR systems and manages all documents in one place.

The basis for fast and secure HR processes? The Doxis HR eFile

Recruitment, training, onboarding/offboarding: Your HR processes involve countless documents, many of which change hands multiple times. With Doxis, you manage and process everything digitally: Whether it's a question about job applicant criteria for the hiring department or about severance agreements for the legal team, you steer documents and the associated tasks to the right colleagues. Doxis streamlines HR management to benefit the HR team, the company and its employees.

Faster & cost-effective HR processes

All employee information structured in HR eFiles for faster request processing and a more cost-effective way of working.

More time for strategic tasks

Free your HR team from time-intensive manual searches & paper filing so they have more time for strategic tasks, e.g. recruiting, retention and development initiatives.

Mitigate risks & boost accountability

Contracts, agreements & more: Monitor and react on time to deadlines, missing documents & approvals, etc. to stay legally on track and accountable.

Avoid data protection violations

HR eFiles enable automated and compliant management of employee personal data according to data protection regulations and retention policies and laws.

Fewer errors and missed opportunities

Clearly view and manage in a single access point all information & documents of the employee lifecycle to ensure fewer errors & missed opportunities in, e.g., onboarding, contract management, training, offboarding, etc.

Secure employee data & documents

With fully documented employee histories plus total control over who can view, access and modify employee data, your organization is able to ensure absolute security and peace of mind.

Flexible & easier way of working

No matter your location or device, directly access the Doxis HR eFile and manage documents & processes — also in teams. The Doxis HR eFile provides modern usability and a uniform, streamlined & convenient way of working.

Doxis in HR

Paperwork piling up? HR is about people, not paperwork! Doxis is here to help you reduce your time spent on manual tasks, like document data entry, and power your day through automated workflows so you can spend time on what matters. Your people.

Want to learn more about Doxis?

Martin Treder,
Global IT, DHL Express

Our hunt for an ideal document management solution had reached global proportions, but it turns out that the answer was right in front of us all along – just across the river at SER.

Jörn Lamb,
Project Manager, IT department, SEW-EURODRIVE

...A massive improvement. This is an excellent example of how you can achieve so much with such little effort.

Werner Höltl,
Application Manager (Finance), Duravit AG

We are very well equipped to handle what the future holds – especially when it comes to our international, document-based business processes.

Ilaria Patri,
Head of Group Legal, Compliance & Internal Audit at ITALCER Group

Doxis 231 and COMPaaS provided the perfect solution to manage compliance activities in an innovative way.

Thomas Schnell,
Head of Functional Operations, BCM platform, DB Systel

With Doxis by SER Group, we have succeeded in establishing a single, electronic ECM infrastructure that can be integrated as a Group standard.

René Schmalen,
Head of Claims, Delvag, Lufthansa Group

E-files with workflows has made our claims settlement perceptibly more efficient and has eased collaborative work...forming the basis of new digital services for our customers and partners.

Lars Schmerge,
ECM Project Manager, Bernard Krone Holding

Why did we chose SER? From the very beginning they were on a level with us and the Doxis solution fulfilled all of our requirements.

Martin Mermolja,
Customer Management, Sunrise Communications

With Doxis, we now have a stable platform that runs around the clock. Our customer files are always found quickly and easily — regardless of where they are located!

Markus Schiffer,
Portfolio Manager, DEVK

The number one strategic target of DEVK is customer satisfaction. We can only achieve this if we are fast and able to provide information on demand.

Gundolf Hallmann,
Area Manager of Finance and Accounting, Bofrost*

Our goal was to shorten the invoice processing time and to have a more efficient and audit-proof structure. We achieved this thanks to SER. A win for the company and, most of all, for the employees.

Improve your recruiting processes with Doxis & SAP SuccessFactors integration

Seamlessly connect with HRIS/HCM systems

The HR eFile connects with major HRIS/HCM systems to get information to your HR team rapidly & directly – and they never have to leave their familiar interfaces. From SAP or Oracle to ADP or VEDA, with Doxis you integrate any HR and invoicing system into your personnel eFiles and streamline your work in the process:

  • Adding a new employee to the HR system? Doxis automatically creates a new personnel file and launches the onboarding process
  • Doxis automatically transfers HR data and documents, e.g. wage/salary slips
  • Switch directly between a Doxis personnel file & your business application at any time

Streamline employee processes with the HR eFile

Transparent employee lifecycle

With version control and a uniform folder structure with complete transparency, you have complete oversight over the employee lifecycle.

Automated onboarding/offboarding

Manage the provision & return of access cards by IT, company vehicles & office equipment by purchasing, and much more.

Intelligent HR data management

Combined with Doxis Cognitive Services, employee documents are automatically classified according to data protection laws.

Skills management

Create an overview of all employees' skills and manages ongoing professional development, certifications & training.

Electronic vacation requests

Digitally file & approve — also on mobile devices — and maintain full transparency for employees.

Digital travel expense accounting

Travel receipts can be scanned on a mobile device & submitted directly.

HR management with Doxis

Instead of wasting time on information searches or complex process management, Doxis enables you to spend your time on value-added tasks such as recruiting or employee development.

Driving digitalization: Digital personnel files for HANSA-FLEX

"The digital HR file was the first step in our company's digitalization strategy. It gives us an efficient process structure so that we can save on time and costs in HR management."

How Doxis manages HR documents in compliance with data protection laws

Data protection laws are proliferating. The EU GDPR and the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are only the beginning. Here we show you how Doxis’s capabilities are combined with cognitive services to ensure compliance with GDPR regulations in HR management.

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