A 360° view of legal case work

ECM for legal departments

ECM for legal case work

With Doxis, you transparently and securely manage all processes related to legal case work.

Document and data volumes are increasing almost exponentially — yet in-house legal aren't growing fast enough to cope with the heavier workloads. So how do you still manage to keep track of case work, review items quickly and directly provide information to your management team? With Doxis! Digitally manage not only your contracts, templates, patent applications and other legal documents, but also your files — systematically and securely. Keep all the data you need to provide information right at your fingertips and safeguard documents against loss in the process. Is your business growing? Use the protected Doxis iRoom to exchange information in the context of joint ventures and M&As. Make your workflows easier, faster and more transparent than ever — with Doxis!



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ECM solutions for legal departments

Document management & eFiles

ensure uniform, structured & context-based access to documents with version control over all documents; fast & convenient searching

Automated verification & release processes

manage the coordination & approval of all legal documents, including multi-stage & parallel release processes

Electronic contract management

makes all contracts & associated information available centrally in contract eFiles and coordinates contract workflows

Audit-proof archiving

stores all legal documents in the electronic archive in line with audit requirements & automatically complies with legal retention periods

Electronic deadline monitoring

notifies users ahead of contract expiry dates, extension deadlines & much more; escalation process included

Integrated audit trail & analysis reports

log all processing steps & analyze lead times, contract volumes and more

The biggest advantage of the system is how it schedules tasks for us, and assigns and monitors retention and deletion deadlines. We used to do this by hand, which was incredibly time-consuming and prone to error.

Jens-Uwe Gehrke, Deutsche Bahn AG


Custom-fit solutions for legal departments

Whether you draft and negotiate contracts, provide legal counsel to subsidiaries and operative units, handle litigation, or provide a combination of all three and more: Digitally manage all of your documents and processes with Doxis. Read on to find out how Doxis can enhance the way you manage legal case work.

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The advantages of Doxis


Close deals & launch new products faster than ever


Eliminate contract errors & mitigate risks


Promptly present evidence in the event of litigation


Immediately provide information to management & departments


5. Demonstrably protect sensitive data (EU GDPR compliance)


Archive documents with retention periods in line with audit requirements

Best Practice

Securely connected across departments

At Deutsche Bahn, security is the number one priority. Read on to find out how the legal team, the Board of Management and several other departments use Doxis to exchange information, work collaboratively and even securely involve external law firms.

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Added security for legal departments

Doxis is your basis for compliant working.

Do you handle sensitive data on mergers, contracts of employment, patents and more requiring special protective measures? Doxis makes it easy! Multiple certifications testify to the ECM solution's compliance with strict security standards. With Doxis, you safeguard

  • all legal documents against unauthorized access, manipulation & accidental deletion
  • the EU GDPR-compliant storage, protection & (where required) deletion of personal data
  • automatic audit-proof archiving & compliance with legal retention periods

Doxis is available in 13 languages

Multilingualism & Unicode capability make Doxis the ideal ECM platform for multinational deployment.

Doxis is highly scalable with a multitenant architecture that can be deployed globally and managed centrally. Doxis is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Hungarian, Dutch and Arabic. This means that with Doxis, international companies can provide their decentralized legal departments all user interfaces and metadata in their local languages.


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Document management, workflows and eFiles aren't only for legal departments — they can also benefit other areas of your company. Doxis is easy to deploy in multiple departments: It's the basis for digitalizing your business processes company-wide.

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