Case management with Doxis4

Boost service quality

Gain new customers and their loyalty by quickly and flexibly managing cases to give customers information at any time.

Work more intelligently

Manage all cross-area case work with one software solution and boost your team’s productivity.

Ensure process quality

Maintain an overview of all cases and constantly optimize service cases and core processes.

The complete transparency throughout all processes really
convinced our employees.

Maximilian Butzen, Software Engineer in the Content Management division, GEFA BANK GmbH

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Better customer service

Ensure daily responses to customer inquiries, flexibly structure cases according to the matter & provide immediate case status updates.

Transparent collaboration

Manage cases and all related documents across departments transparently and thereby prevent complex convoluted inquiries and duplicate work.

Boost profitability

Make it easier for employees to adapt cases by enabling them to immediately find processes and documents in the right context and are automatically reminded of deadlines.

Avoid compliance risks

Transparently document all work done in case steps and thereby demonstrate compliance throughout the company with laws such as the EU GDPR.

Customers who manage cases with Doxis4

Increase your productivity & company success

Project approvals, service cases, risk assessments: There are countless processes that keep requiring you to deviate from the standard procedure. This flexibility is a prerequisite for productive, service-oriented work that contributes to your company’s overall performance. With Doxis4, you simply combine structured processes with ad hoc tasks. This enables you to more productively manage processes across departments to be more customer-centric. Furthermore, Doxis4 documents all processes in an audit-proof way: This means you are always accountable, can respond directly and avoid costly compliance breaches.

Case study

The full transparency in all cases persuaded our employees.

Maximilian Butzen, Software Engineer in the Content Management division of GEFA BANK GmbH

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Adaptive case management for your processes

Automate workflows

Automate recurring tasks such as approving or reviewing customer orders with Doxis4: No one in your team forgets a step. Everyone is able to directly find the right processor for next task and move the process along faster.

Plan ad hoc tasks

In customer service or project work, in particular, your employees need to be able to steer processes with full flexibility. With Doxis4, they can adapt processes easily at any time and create new tasks on an ad hoc basis — without programming know-how.

Find documents in a case

To quickly settle a claim, make spontaneous changes to a project or start working on service cases, Doxis4 provides you all the information you need: You’ll find contracts, emails, conversation logs and all related cases at a moment’s notice.


Adaptive case management

Simply adapt standardized processes and find all the information you need about a case: Find out here how adaptive case management (ACM) works.

Doxis4 enables us to to flexibly adjust our processes. This is absolutely necessary for our successful digitalization.

Mag. Martin Keplinger, Head of Statutory Healthcare Doctors& IT, Ärztekammer für Oberösterreich

Document processes

Who completed which task and which steps of the case are complete? Doxis4 gives you a complete overview at all times. Because all processes and cases are fully documented, you are always accountable in liability issues. Doxis4 is certified for many regulations and requirements, e.g.

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Fact sheet: Manage & adapt tasks & processes with Doxis4

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A guide to enhancing case management & business processes

An in-depth look at what case management must deliver today to meet ever-evolving needs: with case studies and actionable insights to digitally transform your business processes for long-term agility.



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