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Commitment to people and to the future.

Digitalization is our daily bread. And we never lose sight of why we develop our software: to help people and to create a better future. This is why we take our responsibilities towards society so seriously. We want to provide opportunities for the next generation: We want them to develop professionally, live in a healthy environment, and enjoy social stability. We have been actively committed to this for many years.

Sven Oliver Behrendt, CEO

As a future-oriented software vendor, we have a social responsibility towards the next generation and our environment.

Dr. John Bates, CEO

Education & equal opportunities

The best job opportunities for a positive career outlook.

Fair Company

This is why the German business and career magazine Handelsblatt has awarded us the “Fair Company” title. We also support numerous initiatives for digital literacy in schools so that talented youngsters can develop their potential as early as possible.

Scholarships & promotion of young talent

It is important for talented young people to be able to concentrate fully on their studies. That’s why we support the German scholarship program Deutschlandstipendium as a premium sponsor. We support numerous initiatives for digital literacy in schools so that talented youngsters can develop their potential as early as possible. 

Research & university cooperations

The SER Group has a long tradition of working closely with research institutions and universities. In addition to joint cooperation projects with numerous universities, we give our employees the opportunity to work and study on a part-time basis.

Green building for sustainability

We care for our environment.

Our headquarters in Bonn passed the strict sustainability criteria of the DGNB (German sustainable building council) with flying colors. To this end, it was awarded the DGNB certificate in the “gold” category and certified as one of the best new buildings in Germany after its completion. Our office in Hamburg on the Mittelweg campus also meets the highest sustainability standards as a green building. This is confirmed by the DGNB certificate in silver. We place great value in creating a sustainable workplace where our employees feel comfortable. This is achieved through:

This is ensured by

  • environmentally-friendly, pollutant-free building materials & resources
  • high energy efficiency & low emissions
  • an open building & communication infrastructure

Charitable causes close to our heart

We care a great deal about people’s welfare.

Health and well-being are critical to ensuring a better quality of life. This is why we are keen to support organizations and projects that promote these purposes. We support numerous worthy causes through our regular donations and fundraising campaigns: ranging from sports and leisure activities for families with sick children to the work of hospitals and hospices.  

Supported projects & organizations

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