Digital invoice
processing with Doxis

  • Same-day processing of thousands of invoices
  • Time savings of around 50% per invoice
  • Automation of manual tasks
  • Transparency across all invoice processes
  • Guaranteed compliance

High-speed digital invoice processing

Automatically file inbound invoices in the right digital supplier file, leave the software to extract the invoice data — only one verification step required — and retrieve invoices in seconds, as easily as using Google Search.

Doxis streamlines, optimizes and automates your entire digital invoice workflow.

Improve profitability

Raise your profitability by
posting inbound invoices faster and error-free, and secure cash discounts.

Enhance efficiency

Automation empowers you to deploy resources more efficiently and avoid
bottlenecks or delays in processing invoices.

Improve liquidity planning

Get complete transparency about the status and amounts of all invoices to ensure up-to-date liquidity planning and identify optimization potential.

Doxis for invoice automation

Want to speed up your invoice management and processing so you can work quickly and accurately? Doxis can automate your invoice processes while extracting relevant data and detecting errors along the way. Doxis is there to help you understand, analyze and make decisions based on the information in your documents, which in turn speeds up daily work and improves compliance. 

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6 steps to digital invoice processing with Doxis

Step 1:

Invoice receipt

Doxis begins processing electronic invoices as soon as they arrive. Corresponding interfaces enable Doxis to autonomously access the digital inbox and retrieve the invoices arriving there. Paper-based invoices must be scanned in line with regulatory requirements before being transferred to Doxis.

  • Extendible to establish company-wide inbound mail processing & even a complete ECM platform
  • Digital invoice ledger

Step 2:

Extraction of data

An integrated OCR function enables Doxis to recognize, capture and interpret all relevant invoice data. Doxis then automatically files the invoice in the context-based digital file, for instance in the corresponding supplier file.

  • Suitable for all formats: paper, PDF, email, XML, XRechnung, ZUGFeRD 2.0, etc.
  • For invoices with & without a PO reference (including automatic posting), single, partial, collective and final invoices
  • On-the-fly learning allows the system to constantly improve the recognition of invoice documents

Step 3:


Doxis checks that inbound invoices are correct and contain all mandatory information. Missing or incorrect content is flagged immediately, so you can take fast action in the event of, e.g., discrepancies between the order confirmation, and head off production delays at the pass.

Doxis transfers the invoice data in the correct format to your ERP system, e.g. SAP, via an interface for further processing.

  • Cover all types of release processes
  • Deep integration in SAP & connection to any ERP & financial accounting system
  • Supports a wide range of currencies and up to 13 languages

Step 4:


Doxis transfers the verified invoice to a release workflow and uses various criteria, e.g. cost center, invoice items and amounts, to determine who is responsible and assign them the task of releasing the invoice. The multi-stage release workflow ensures you fulfill all internal requirements, such as the separation of duties. A deputy rule lets you sub in alternative coworkers at short notice to keep the invoice release process moving swiftly and prevent backlogs.

  • Automatically define processors and escalation mechanisms
  • Multi-stage release workflow, delegation and deputy rules

Step 5:


After the invoice has been released, Doxis transfers all posting-related data to your ERP or accounting system, where employees post the invoice within the payment deadline.

  • Invoices with a purchase order reference are processed completely by Doxis — including automatic posting
  • Secure cash discounts
  • Integrated data warehouse with comprehensive reports

Step 6:

Audit-proof archiving

Doxis archives all business documents, including your invoices, in compliance with regulatory requirements in its audit-proof archive.

Optimize your invoice processing with these Doxis features

Check compliance & content

Doxis checks the formal requirements and content of all invoice formats: PDF, CSV, EDI, XRechnung, ZUGFeRD 2.0, paper mail etc.

Mobile release

With the Doxis mobile client and the SAP Fiori app, you can release invoices anywhere, anytime.

Find processors & processes

Using the separation of duties principle, simultaneous reviewers or additional reviewers: Doxis finds the right process, processor and backup persons.

Automatically post invoices

Doxis completely processes invoices with a purchase order reference — including automatic posting.

Integrate into the ERP system

Doxis integrates in all ERP and accounting systems and compares the business partners, master data, prices and volumes automatically.

Proper archiving

Doxis automatically archives all invoices audit-compliantly until the end of their legal retention period.

Discover digital invoice processing with Doxis

In this brochure, you’ll learn

  • Which challenges you overcome with automated invoice processing
  • Examples of how Doxis is used in all phases of invoice processing
  • 12 reasons why Doxis Intelligent Invoice Automation benefits your entire company
  • Which other company-wide Doxis solutions are quick and easy to roll out

Advantages of digital invoice processing

Digitalizing and automating your invoice processing offers immense potential: not only to speed up processes, but also to save money. With Doxis, you require fewer personnel to process invoices, avoid costly errors and create the necessary level of transparency in daily liquidity planning. Empower your teams to post invoices even faster: it will also pay off when you are able meet early payment discount deadlines.

Shorter processing times, higher quality

Automate the reading, capture, verification and posting of invoices and lower your error rate.

Lower costs

Post a higher volume of invoices with fewer hands and benefit from cash discounts.

Improve resource utilization

Cut down on manual tasks and free up your team to work with financial partners.

Same-day liquidity planning

Ensure better liquidity planning with constantly updated invoice status overviews.

Further optimize processes

Improve the quality and speed of invoice processing with machine-learning processes.

Stay compliant

Verifiably meet domestic and international legal requirements for processing and archiving invoices.

Integration in your IT landscape

Discover the world of automated invoice processing

Learn more about Doxis, the next generation of enterprise content management. With individually customizable workflows, content bridges to your third-party systems plus an array of add-ons, Doxis gives you the ideal platform to build a future-ready, scalable information management system.

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FAQs on automated invoice processing

What is digital invoice processing?

Digital invoice processing refers to the electronic processing of invoices with as many manual tasks automated as possible. Starting with the automatic import of inbound electronic invoices into the system, through to release of the invoice and transfer of the data into the accounting system for posting.

What are the advantages of digital invoice processing?

The two major benefits are significantly faster processes and a lower risk of error. An ECM system also offers compliance capabilities for digital invoice processing with functions such as an easy search option, protection against manipulation and audit-proof archiving.

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