Invoice processing with Doxis

Improve profitability

Raise your profitability by posting invoices faster and securing cash discounts.

Boost team productivity

Automate invoice processes so that your team can work on tasks like loan negotiations with banks.

Improve liquidity planning

Get complete transparency about the status of invoices and ensure up-to-date liquidity planning.

Günter Holst
Head of Quality & Project Management, AviationPowerGroup

We’ve significantly accelerated our invoice processing with Doxis. Now we have better liquidity planning, meet our payment deadlines and take advantage of cash discounts.

Smart invoice processing with Doxis

Calculate your company's ROI – in just a few seconds

Are you still manually processing your invoices? Automated invoice processing offers immense potential not only to speed up processes, but also to save money & much more. With our ROI Calculator, you can quickly and easily calculate the savings potential of automated invoice processing in your business – no strings attached & free of charge.


Take advantage of the savings potential

Invoice processing offers immense potential: not only to speed up processes, but also to save money. With Doxis, you require less personnel to verify invoices, avoid costly errors and create the necessary level of transparency in daily liquidity planning. Empower your teams to post invoices even faster: it will also pay off when you are able meet early payment discount deadlines.

Gundolf Hallmann
Area Manager of Finance and Accounting, bofrost*

Our goal was to shorten the invoice processing time and to have a more efficient and audit-proof structure. We achieved this with SER.

Automated invoice processing

Check format & content

Doxis checks the content and data of all invoice common formats: PDF, CSV, EDI, XRechnung, ZUGFeRD 2.0, paper mail etc.

Integrate into the ERP/accounting system

Doxis integrates in all ERP and accounting systems and compares the business partners, master data, prices and volume automatically.

Find processors & processes

Using the separation of duties principle, simultaneous reviewers or additional reviewers: Doxis finds the right process, processor and backup persons.

Mobile release

With the Doxis mobile client and the integratable SAP Fiori app, you can release invoices anywhere, anytime

Automatically post invoices

Invoices with a purchase order reference are processed completely by Doxis — including automatic posting.

Proper archiving

All invoices are automatically archived audit-proof by Doxis until the end of their legal retention period.

Doxis4 stands out for its top usability

Invoice status at a glance

Which invoices are new? Which ones are pending? And who is processing them? With Doxis you can keep track of all financial obligations, the invoice status, the liquidity required, etc. In this way, you can respond directly to inquiries from suppliers and employees. You can trigger further verification and approval processes in the Doxis invoice ledger. All important information required for invoice release can be found easily in Doxis:

  • Transparent digital invoice ledger
  • Find emails, quotations, orders, etc. in the invoice context
  • Automatic reminders for review and posting deadlines

Certified security

From invoice receipt to posting, Doxis offers transparency and security: The software documents all steps and archives these with the related documents in an audit-proof manner. With the certified Doxis solution, you are able to demonstrate to auditors and authorities that you are always operating in compliance with records management and archiving guidelines, eInvoice requirements, etc. This also applies to outgoing documents such as confirmation of receipt, which Doxis automatically issues for you.

Brigitte Rybarz
Manager of Accounts Payable, Westfalen Gruppe

With the Doxis, we avoid losing cash discounts and have an up-to-date overview of all outstanding invoices.

Invoice processing with Doxis

  • For all formats: paper, PDF, XML, XRechnung, ZUGFeRD 2.0, etc.
  • For invoices with & without a PO reference (including automatic posting), single, partial, collective & final invoices
  • Digital invoice ledger
  • Cover all types of release processes
  • Deep integration in SAP & connection to any ERP & financial accounting system
  • Automatically define processors & escalation mechanisms
  • Supports a wide range of currencies and up to 13 languages
  • Integrated data warehouse with extensive reports
  • Extendible to establish company-wide inbound mail processing & even a complete ECM platform
  • On-the-fly learning for continuous improvement of invoice document recognition
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Frequently asked questions about automated invoice processing

What does automated invoice processing mean?

Automated invoice processing describes the digital processing of invoices with as many automated steps as possible. This starts with the automated import of the digital incoming invoice into the system and goes all the way to invoice approval and the transfer of data into the booking system.

What are the advantages of automated invoice processing?

The two biggest advantages are significantly faster processes and a lower risk of errors. Additionally, an ECM offers functions for compliance in invoice processing, such as easy retrieval, protection against manipulation, and audit-proof archiving.

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